Chinese votes cannot be bought, Malay votes can

(Malaysian Chinese News) – Recently, the most compelling news is the incentives given to the Felda settlers, and the biggest handout is the RM5,000 cash incentive to each of the families in Felda.

Felda is the largest oil palm estate in the world which is rich in resources, if the money comes from the disposing of palm oil then I have no grouse, as the settlers have worked hard for the rewards.

Is it an act of buying votes? Of course it is. Which ruling party would not do that? The question is can the votes be bought?

I think if the settlers are all Chinese, definitely you can’t buy their votes, regardless what handouts you deliver, because:

1. Chinese hate the act of handing out candies before the election, they opined that that is an act of giving voters some bread crumbs.

2. Am I so easy to be bought over? (Applause)

3. After all, the money is too tempting, of course we must accept, but after taking the money, we shall cast our votes as we wish.

But now the settlers are Malays, the ethnic group which we know has a sense of gratitude.

Settlers were originally wandering farmers, owing to Tun Razak and Umno’s efforts, now they are living a good life. Because they are gratitude for the source of benefit, over the past 60 years they have fully supported Barisan Nasional.

And now, the opposition DAP has sent Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to fight for the settlers’ votes, which is an act of removing their heart of gratitude to vote against the son of Tun Razak. But we just don’t know what Tun Mahathir has done which had benefitted the  settlers in his 22 years in office?