1MDB: Pakatan’s last do-or-die card

Pakatan Harapan is hoping that if they can keep this 1MDB issue alive until the next general election this is going to help them march into Putrajaya. Pakatan Harapan is so living in denial it is mind-blowing. Have they gone raving mad and have lost touch with reality? They should not be talking about winning the next general election. They should be talking about how to win at least 76 parliament seats so that they can deny Barisan Nasional its two-thirds major in Parliament — because currently it appears Pakatan Harapan is in trouble.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The 30 questions in Parliament that Pakatan Harapan is playing as its last card in the hope this will help them win the next general election

There was an uproar in Parliament today and Pakatan Harapan Members of Parliament allege they were not being allowed to table about 30 questions related to 1MDB. I would imagine there are more important matters for the Pakatan MPs to worry about. What about the many mad dogs running around Malaysia and biting people (and I do not mean the DAP Red Bean Army cyber-troopers who are barking and foaming at the mouth cursing the Prime Minister, Umno, Barisan Nasional, the Malays and Islam). So far five have died from rabies and many more deaths are expected to come if this issue is not solved.

I remember once how the Chinese in Pulau Ketam solved the problem of stray dogs. They rounded up the hundreds of stray dogs and threw them onto a deserted island that had no food and water. The dogs eventually died of thirst and starvation and those dogs that could no longer stand the agony jumped into the sea and drowned. The stronger dogs that did not drown and continued to swim back to land were pushed under water so that they, too, drowned.

Hundreds of stray dogs left to die of thirst and hunger on a deserted island

Islam is fiercely against this sort of cruel treatment towards animals but then this happened in Pulau Ketam and not Pulau Redang so, for once, thank God, Muslims were spared criticism. If not we would not hear the end of that story for decades to come. They would even use this incident as one more reason why Umno should be kicked out and replaced with a DAP-led Pakatan Harapan.

Anyway, the uproar in Parliament today was not about mad dogs (whether from Pulau Ketam or from Komtar in Penang) but about the 30 questions regarding 1MDB that Pakatan Harapan wants to debate in Parliament. What precisely is there to debate since there is really nothing new and all the stories are more than three years old? That we do not know, but then when it comes to Pakatan Harapan the substance is not important. What is important is the grandstanding, showmanship and rhetoric. It has to be loud and noisy like a Chinese street drama or wayang Cina.

That is why even Malays love Chinese street dramas (because they are loud and noisy). I remember going to the Meru Road temple in Kelang in the 1960s to watch wayang Cina. In fact, Malays love Hindustani movies even more. The fact that Malays do not comprehend the language does not matter. It is not what they are saying that matters. It is the acting and the drama, even though we may not understand one word of what they are saying.

Malays love Tamil movies even though they cannot understand a word

So you need plenty of shouting and screaming, jumping and kicking, sobs and tears, and so on. The more over-acting the better. I remember the Tamil series, Inspector Segar, where the over-acting was so superb the crook fell down even before the shot was fired. The crook hit the floor dead before the gun went off. There was no better over-acting than that in 100 years.

People like Mat Sabu of PAN are very popular because he is a great stage actor. Actually if you analyse what he says it is nothing much. But it is in the way he says it and the way he prances all over the stage and makes funny faces and so on. His best performance ever was when he threw the microphone down onto the floor and stormed off the stage in mock outrage. He probably went backstage and started giggling like a schoolgirl.

Mat Sabu has superb showmanship although he talks a lot but says nothing and throws the microphone as he storms away 

The outrage that the Pakatan MPs expressed about their 30 questions not being allowed in Parliament was also part of that wayang kulit. They needed to demonstrate how unfair, unjust, undemocratic, corrupt, etc., the Deputy Speaker of Parliament is for disallowing their questions. They will now travel all over Malaysia talking about the 30 questions that were not allowed in Parliament without even having to explain the substance of and the reason for those questions.

They can, of course, suggest (but very vaguely) that had Parliament allowed those 30 questions then Malaysians would no longer need to pay toll charges to drive on the highways, especially in Pakatan Rakyat Selangor (Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali says Selangor is ruled by Pakatan Rakyat and not Pakatan Harapan: which is why PAS is still part of the Selangor State Government) where most of the toll highways are.

Pakatan Harapan is playing up the 1MDB issue to distract Malaysians from their leadership crisis that is threatening to break up the opposition coalition even before the general election — and their body language says it all

They can also suggest (also very vaguely) that had those questions been allowed then Malaysians can get free water, electricity, education and healthcare and need no longer pay for those services, while the GST can be abolished. The three million or so foreign workers (many who are illegal) can also be sent back to their own countries so there will now be three million dirty and menial jobs for Malaysians to do. And this would mean the thousands of unemployed university graduates can now sweep the floors, pick up the trash, and so on, while the Chinese need no longer work in brothels and massage parlours or sell pirate CDs but can replace those foreign workers who have been sent home.

Those 30 questions regarding 1MDB are very crucial to the opposition Pakatan Harapan. They have nothing left to use against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, Umno, Barisan National and the government. So they need to keep the 1MDB issue alive. If not they will be out of ammunition. With the general election probably within the next ten months or so they must keep the 1MDB issue going. And the 1MDB issue is already dying off. They even got one Minah in the UK to table an Early Day Motion (EDM) in the British Parliament last week to give an impression that even the British Parliament is concerned about 1MDB.

Pakatan Harapan is trying to give Malaysians the impression that the UK and US are united against Najib because of 1MDB whereas they do not even care about the deaths in the Middle East as long as it stays in the Middle East

Actually not a single of the 66 million Brits even know or care about 1MDB. The people who are making so much noise about 1MDB is that one British MP and LB1 — and, of course, Malaysians in the UK who are DAP supporters who are not even registered to vote. It is just like in the United States. Ask the 323 million Americans whether they know what 1MDB is and they will probably call the police and have you arrested for being a sex pervert.

Pakatan Harapan is trying to give the impression that the 1MDB issue is a very serious issue and the entire world is united against Najib regarding 1MDB. Hello…the world did not even care when Germany invaded Poland and started putting Jews to death. Even America did not care until Japan made the mistake of attacking Pearl Harbour. If not Germany would have won the war and today I would be writing this article in German instead of English.

Malaysians think that 1MDB is such a catastrophe and calamity like the problems in the Middle East and that the US and UK will send its navy to the South China Sea to pressure Najib to step down and hand the premiership to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The US has far bigger problems than that and even its President is under siege. And did not President Donald Trump say America comes first?

The UK is also under siege, as is its Prime Minister, and with so many problems they are facing do you think they care about one EDM by a Member of Parliament whose name is already not squeaky clean? Theresa May is fighting for her life and the Brexit issue may bring down the entire UK economy if not well handled.

There are so many problems in London itself do you think the British care about 1MDB? Only LB1 does not care about London and not once talked about the shootings, stabbings and killings in her hometown

Crime is such a huge problem in the UK you are safer in Golok than in London where one person gets stabbed every week. Racism and hate crimes are so rampant you cannot fathom why such a so-called civilised society is so uncivilised. And the whites hate you Chinese and Indians (Pakistanis and Bangladeshis included) who come to the UK. And since they regard me as a Welshman born in Surrey they tell me a lot of shocking things they would never say otherwise if they thought I was Malaysian or born in Malaysia.

Yes, the Brits do not care about 1MDB. They care about you coloured people coming to live in the UK and spoiling this country. And if you talk to them about 1MDB they will just reply that it serves you right for kicking out the colonial masters and declaring independence. Most of the problems Malaysia is facing (plus all those other Asian and African countries) is because you kicked out the British. If the whites had continued running Malaya/Malaysia then you would not be facing so much problems.

Najib is still going to be around until 2018 and beyond while Pakatan Harapan is going to be sent packing

So stop getting conned by Pakatan Harapan. The UK and US are not concerned about 1MDB. And stop pretending that Najib is going to be forced to step down by the British and Americans. Pakatan Harapan is good at acting. This is all just like a Hindustani movie or Chinese street drama. Plenty of noise and over-acting but no plot. And even those that do have a plot it is the same old recycled plot — baddie fixes up goodie, in the end goodie wins, and gets the girl, and baddie is made to pay for his treachery.

Of course, Pakatan Harapan is hoping that if they can keep this 1MDB issue alive until the next general election this is going to help them march into Putrajaya. I would have a better chance of hoping that I can become a virgin again and perform like how I used to 50 years ago. Pakatan Harapan is so living in denial it is mind-blowing. Have they gone raving mad and have lost touch with reality? They should not be talking about winning the next general election. They should be talking about how to win at least 76 parliament seats so that they can deny Barisan Nasional its two-thirds major in Parliament — because currently it appears Pakatan Harapan is in trouble.