DAP has two weeks to respond to letter, says RoS

(MMO) – DAP has two weeks to respond to a Registrar of Societies (RoS) directive asking the party to hold re-elections, RoS has said.

RoS director-general Datuk Muhammad Razin Abdullah said that DAP was given 14 days to respond to a letter RoS had sent to the party yesterday, though no deadline was set for the re-election, national daily New Straits Times reported today.

“The RoS has given DAP 14 days to respond to our letter,” he was quoted saying.

RoS sent the letter to the party 10 days after it issued a public statement on July 7 ordering the DAP to hold re-elections after finding the party’s initial re-election in September 2013 was filled with irregularities.

DAP held a re-election in 2013 after an error with the tabulation of votes in its 2012 party elections.

DAP leaders had criticised RoS for reviving the issue after four years, saying that the matter is “politically motivated”.