For grubby politics, not for justice

KTemoc Konsiders

MM Online – Penang says won’t sign Corruption-Free Pledge as it lacks faith in MACC (extracts):

Dr Ramasamy has been absolutely right to distrust MACC which has been talking cock only.

But how does Dr Ramasamy explain that just 2 mere years ago, in 2015, Lim Kit Siang gave his full-hearted support to the MACC?

MM Online reported in Once enemies, now DAP and MACC join hands in 1MDB controversy (extracts):

Indeed, much to the shame of ethics, principles and morality, Lim Kit Siang has treacherously supported the MACC just a bloody mere year after he accused that organization of Teoh Beng Hock’s mysteriously death or, as DAP supporters suspect, murder.