‘Arrogance’ is DAP’s middle name

Ramasamy said, “DAP is not afraid of holding elections. If the party has done something wrong, it only behooves on the part of the RoS to convey such wrongdoings in an official and professional manner.” In that case why did DAP not do that back in 2013 when the RoS first wrote to them asking them to do so? And are two letters from the RoS back in 2013 not “official and professional” enough?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

“It is not for PAS or any other political party to say whether the DAP should abide by the decision of the ROS or not,” said DAP’s P. Ramasamy, the Penang Deputy Chief Minister 2 (READ HERE: DAP Is Not Afraid To Hold Fresh Polls).

Yes, this is the same DAP that said PAS should remove Abdul Hadi Awang as its President. DAP can tell PAS what to do but PAS must not tell DAP what to do. How arrogant this man is to think that they have every right to tell others what to do but you must not do the same to them. But then ‘Arrogance’ is DAP’s middle name anyway, so what do you expect?

Results of the Democratic Action Party leadership election, 2012

And why does DAP want PAS to remove Hadi as its President? Because Hadi did not agree with DAP that Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail should be made the Selangor Menteri Besar — and instead PAS supported Azmin Ali to replace Khalid Ibrahim. In fact, in the first place, Hadi did not even agree to Khalid’s sacking.

But have they not said many times that the opposition coalition, at that time Pakatan Rakyat, works on the basis of agree to disagree? So of course you can disagree with DAP. Who said you cannot disagree? It was like when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was Malaysia’s Prime Minister for 22 years. Mahathir allowed freedom of speech. It was freedom after speech that you did not have.

DAP central committee re-election results, 2013

Ramasamy talking Tamil and suggesting that DAP does not want to hold a second party re-election because the RoS did not say ‘please’

“Few ‘bread crumbs’ thrown at the leadership have meant that the party has forgotten the sacrifices of their past leaders to become a mere appendage of Umno. Today, PAS is remembered for its past rather than for the present,” added Ramasamy.

This is Mahathir’s favourite phrase: makan dedak. That is what the guru taught Malaysians and it looks like his disciples such as Ramasamy have caught on. Anyone who disagrees with Mahathir is accused of makan dedak (which translates to chicken feed).

Actually Mahathir has confessed to doing the same thing. Two years ago Mahathir said he does not understand why Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak needs RM2.6 billion to finance the 2013 general election when during his time he needed only RM1.5 billion.

The truth is Najib did not use the RM2.6 billion for the 2013 general election. The RM2.6 billion was for political activities and included the general election. Even then not all the RM2.6 billion was used up and the balance that was unused was returned to the donor.

Anyway, that is not the point. The point is Mahathir confessed that he used ONLY RM1.5 billion for the general elections during his time. And that is what we want to talk about.

There are 222 parliament seats and 587 state seats. Legally, Barisan Nasional can spend roughly RM100 million for the election campaign. Throw in the deposits and all other expenses then you should not exceed RM150 million. So if Mahathir spent RM1.5 billion, like he says he did, that would be ten times over the legal limit.

Mahathir said he only spent RM1.5 billion for each general election when he was Prime Minister so he cannot understand why Najib needs RM2.6 billion

So, 10% is legal while 90% is under-the-table expenses. Does this not mean Mahathir was giving plenty of dedak to those who worked, supported or voted for Barisan Nasional? Mahathir invented the dedak system and used it in his 22 years as Prime Minister. And now he screams so much about it. It is just like Mahathir now screaming that Malaysia is a police state.

The irony of the whole thing is the police state system was what kept Mahathir in power for 22 years. If not he would have been kicked out after just six years in office — like he kicked out Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi after six years in office and tried to kick out Najib also after six years in office.

Yes, Mahathir allows you only six years and then he kicks you out like what they also tried to do to him — but failed because Mahathir had turned Malaysia into a police state. So whoever takes over as Pakatan Harapan’s Prime Minister, in the event they win the general election, will also have only six years after which he or she has to retire and hand over the premiership to Mukhriz. If not Mahathir will go for you and he will make sure he stays around till then although that means he has to live until 99.

Mahathir is not interested in his son, Mukhriz, becoming Prime Minister and that is why he is campaigning for his son to not become Prime Minister

Mukhriz, however, is pretending he does not want to become Prime Minister or that Mahathir is not trying to make him Prime Minister. Yeah, right, which is why he contested the Umno Youth leadership and then contested one of the three Umno Vice Presidents posts (and lost both times) — because he does not want to become Prime Minister.

Nobody contests higher posts in the party unless he or she wants to climb the party ladder. And all those who contest higher posts aspire to eventually become the party leader. And in Umno party leader also means the Prime Minister of Malaysia. And did Mahathir not go all out to try to help Mukhriz win?


On Monday, Mukhriz got his lawyers to send Najib a legal letter, which you can read below. Basically he wants to give the impression that he was not interested in becoming the Prime Minister and neither was Mahathir interested in him becoming the Prime Minister.

Then what is Mukhriz doing in politics? Is he in politics merely to serve the nation and the people of Malaysia? In that case if he only has Malaysia’s and Malaysians’ interest at heart, then return the RM100 billion that his family has stolen from Malaysia.

No need to become Prime Minister or enter politics to serve Malaysia and Malaysians. Malaysia and Malaysians would be better served with that RM100 billion. That money can go to building more schools, hospitals, roads, etc.

Now we know what Mahathir was doing in the UK in June 2017, other than to meet Nurul Izzah Anwar in secret

I mean, how does sending an Argentinian polo team to the UK to play in the Cartier Queen’s Cup 2017 benefit Malaysians? That must have cost a bomb and that money, which was wasted sending horses and an entire team of polo players from Argentina to the UK, could have been better used to help the less fortunate in Malaysia (SEE HERE).

Anyway, I am deviating too far from the issue of Ramasamy, which is how this whole conversation first started. Ramasamy said, “DAP is not afraid of holding elections. If the party has done something wrong, it only behooves on the part of the RoS to convey such wrongdoings in an official and professional manner.” In that case why did DAP not do that back in 2013 when the RoS first wrote to them asking them to do so? And are two letters from the RoS back in 2013 not “official and professional” enough?

Actually the RoS had already “officially and professionally” written to DAP but they arrogantly ignored all those letters. And now DAP is pretending the RoS never wrote to them informing them about the illegality of their two party elections. The RoS did this back in 2013, and not only once, mind you. So what letter is DAP talking about? Then DAP started making public statements whacking Umno. And then Umno replied asking DAP to look into its own party matters such as its illegal party elections before talking about other parties.

They rigged the party election to kill off Tan Seng Giaw but made a mess of the whole thing and got caught with their pants down

The whole matter could have ended there but then DAP went and accused Umno of being behind a plot to deregister DAP. So DAP publicly accused Umno of wanting to deregister DAP, which is a very serious allegation indeed. First of all, this had nothing to do with Umno. It is an internal matter of DAP and it was DAP members who lodged a complaint with the RoS. Secondly, the RoS had no intentions of deregistering DAP.

So DAP should not have dragged this whole matter into the public domain by making all sorts of press statements and allege that Umno is behind it. Now that this matter has become a debate via the media, responses will have to be made, also via the media. And this is what DAP is so upset about.

DAP announces it is skipping its 2016 party polls and will hold it in 2018 instead after GE14

But then that is precisely how Pakatan Harapan loves doing things. They hold press conferences, and make press statements, and challenge this person and that person to a debate, and so on. Pakatan Harapan loves these public displays and stage shows. But when others also respond through the media people like Ramasamy get very upset.

If you do not want this to be a public debate via media then stop starting these public debates through the media. You start the public fight and then get angry when people respond in kind. You want to be allowed to whack others in the public domain and then you want others to just shut up and say nothing, is it?

Well, I suppose this is why ‘Arrogance’ is DAP’s middle name. That want the freedom to hold press conferences and the freedom to issue press statements and the freedom to whack you publicly but they want to ban you from also doing the same. Is this Ramasamy fella really a professor? Surely he is not a professor kangkung!