PPBM veep wants disciplinary action against Syed Saddiq

If party members are allowed to attack one another publicly, the party will be destroyed, says PPBM’s Hamidah Osman

(FMT) – PPBM vice-president Hamidah Osman has had enough of Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman’s “baseless allegations” against her, and is now seeking to have disciplinary action taken against him.

Breaking her silence, Hamidah told FMT she would be writing an official letter to PPBM’s disciplinary board as soon as possible.

“Syed Saddiq can’t make wild and unfounded allegations without providing a shred of evidence.

“And I hope the disciplinary board can act on this because if left unaddressed, if party members are allowed to attack one another publicly, the party will be destroyed.

“Especially when Syed Saddiq is the Youth chief, which is an important post in the party,” she said.

On May 28, Syed Saddiq had accused Hamidah of masterminding the surprise resignation of more than 1,000 Perak PPBM members en masse.

He had also called Hamidah, the former Gopeng Umno Wanita chief, a hypocrite who was upset with party president Muhyiddin Yassin’s decision not to name her as PPBM Perak state chief.

“I know she (Hamidah) is behind this. I will say it upfront: I want Hamidah to resign. If you are in the party for positions, then ‘berambus’ (get lost),” Syed Saddiq told FMT.

Yesterday, Syed Saddiq reiterated his statement in an interview with news portal Berita Daily, where he alleged that Hamidah was an agent of Umno.

“Initially, I refused to respond to his allegations because I didn’t want to make matters worse for the party.

“But he attacked me twice now, and that is just too much.

“I want to know what his intentions are for bringing back the heat on an issue that is already cooling off. Who actually is the agent of Umno? Me or him?” Hamidah said.

Asked if Syed Saddiq had contacted her before talking to the press about her, Hamidah said no.

“In fact, yesterday when reporters called me, I texted him and asked if he had made such statements, and he denied it.

“Then I forwarded the articles to him, and until now he has yet to respond to me.”

She then explained that when the 1,000 Perak members tendered their resignation, she had met and spoken to them personally to make sure they continue their fight against Umno and its president Najib Razak.

“As a result, almost all of them decided to join the People’s Declaration movement that sought to take down the Barisan Nasional government,” she said.

“Syed Saddiq should thank me for taking initiatives that otherwise could result in the members returning to Umno. And he should do the same with his wing members, who had actually left him for Umno.”

She was referring to last month’s incident, where around 200 PPBM Youth members resigned to join Umno.

Hamidah also reminded Syed Saddiq of how she had fought against Umno and Najib long before PPBM was formed. This she said, had resulted in her being sacked by the country’s largest political party.

“Until today, there isn’t one of my statements that has deviated from the course of my struggles.”