Mahathir spent USD5 million to trigger the 20th of July 2016 DoJ announcement

“This Mahathir fellow is a very, very dirty man. So dirty, he’d swim the deepest sea and scale the highest mountain just to make sure none of you discover his troves of untold wealth”


Last Saturday, the 17th of June 2017, The Third Force took the wraps off a complicity involving Dr, Mahathir Mohamad and Daim Zainuddin to funnel USD5 million through channels that ended with the Clinton Foundation (READ HERE). In the article, I made known that a fifth of the sum wended its way to the coffers of persons linked to Loretta Lynch, the former Attorney General (AG) of the United States (US).

Hours later, Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) reiterated that Sivarasa Rasiah had drafted a statement for the US Department of Justice (DoJ) together with a Mahathir aide, lawyer Matthias Chang (READ HERE). My sources have since confirmed that not only did Matthias help plan the recent announcement, it was he who filed complaints with the DoJ, leading to the announcement.

Now, it appears that these exposes may just have put a spoke in Mahathir’s wheel. As a matter of fact, I was told that the former premier is particularly displeased that I listed the names of persons who conspired to trigger last Thursday’s announcement (READ HERE). I am told, Mahathir is terribly upset that the article put his efforts and the millions he spent to sheer waste – which, in a sense, is true.

I mean, imagine the months of planning and the millions it took Mahathir to bring the DoJ announcement to fruition. And before he could even tip his glass of champagne with members of his team, news broke that the whole conspiracy had been uncovered by The Third Force and Malaysia Today. Now, if you were Mahathir, how would you feel?

Like banging your head against a wall, right?