Mahathir: Memecat Anwar Bukan Kesilapan?

KTemoc Konsiders

From Malaysiakini – Anwar fears Bersatu’s plans for Harapan too similar to BN (extracts):

Pribumi is an exclusive ketuanan party for people like me


what about me? Puhleeeze Tun


PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is worried that Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s (Bersatu) proposal to occupy both the position of chairperson and president in Pakatan Harapan may make the opposition coalition’s structure too similar to BN.

“The concern with Bersatu’s proposal to revamp Harapan’s structure, in which its top leaders would control the positions of chairperson and president, is that the new Harapan structure will become similar to BN,” the jailed leader said in a statement released through his party.

Bersatu had reportedly proposed that its chairperson and former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and party president Muhyiddin Yassin be made Harapan chairperson and president respectively, in a Harapan presidential council meeting last Friday.

Anwar said he therefore invites Harapan leaders to review and amend the proposal to maintain Harapan’s consensus-based structure.

“Pakatan Harapan must maintain its tradition of discussion and consensus, like in (now-defunct opposition coalition) Pakatan Rakyat.

“All party chiefs are of equal positions and the chairperson only acts as a coordinator.

“All preparations and meeting agendas should be handled by a joint secretariat comprising representatives from all parties.”


Anwar should know (Mahathir’s sinister motive) as he was Mahathir’s deputy, right-hand man and heir-apparent in UMNO for years, as well as suffering his former boss’ oppression.

In the event Pakatan Harapan (PH) wins the election in GE-14, Mahathir obviously aims to control PH (as a BN-like coalition) and consequently the next Malaysian government, all for his own devious plans, which in general will not be favourable to Chinese and Indians and even most Malays, unless they are his cronies.

Should DAP refuse to ‘come to heel’ (obey him), it’s likely he will break off his Pribumi from PH, assuming Pribumi has won a sizeable number of seats, to form a new coalition (called ‘Pribumi-est’, wakakaka) with the losing UMNO, and perhaps even with PAS and PKR, to seize government from PH, that is of course if the new ‘Pribumi-est’ coalition can form a majority (under current numbers, at least 112 seats).

Nothing good will come out of allying one’s party with a devious bigot like Mahathir who for a scary start, dislikes Chinese since Day One (the 1960’s), and showed it in spades in 1969 when he told the Cinapeks in his Alor Setar Selatan constituency to take their Cinakui votes and shaft it where the sun didn’t shine.

Yusof Rawa, PMIP (PAS)
the 1st PMIP (PAS) candidate voted massively by Chinese

They (those Cinakuis) did just that, giving their votes to Yusof Rawa of PMIP (today’s PAS), wakakaka. But was Mahathir repentant for his arrogant bigoted big mouth? Nay, he hated the Chinese even more.

Wikipedia tells us that Mahathir had been politically active since the end of the Japanese occupation of Malaya, when he joined protests against the granting of citizenship to non-Malays under the short-lived Malayan Union.

And he has on more than one occasion alluded to the ‘ungrateful’ Chinese that Malay privileges was, is and must be a quid pro quo for Tunku’s stupidity in giving them citizenships, ignoring how Malaya had gained its Independence through a consensual agreement between the three major ethnic groups of Malaya and the British. Memang seorang Melayu Mamak mudah lupa.

Two other items he hated and disagreed with Tunku were:(a) retention of British and Commonwealth forces in Malaya (not yet Malaysia) after Merdeka, and(b) the inclusion of the economically-strong Chinese-majority Singapore in the subsequent merger to form Malaysia. What would have happened to Malaysia if Tunku had passed away much earlier due to, say, a sudden massive heart attack immediately after Merdeka, say, in 1958, and a nascent powerful young Mahathir reached the upper policy-making echelon of UMNO then and had his wish-list accepted and implemented?

1. Would a then Malaya, without the presence of British and Commonwealth forces in Malaya (the Peninsula) and without a Chinese-dominated Police Special Branch, the principal Intelligence in the fight against the Communist terrorists, cope ably with the communist insurgents?

2. Would a subsequent Malaysia but minus British and Commonwealth forces (and minus British colony Singapore) cope with the Indonesian Konfrontasi and an aggressive Philippines claiming North Borneo?