Zahid Mat Arip: licking back his own spit, yet again

Zahid Mat Arip, Committee Member of Perkasa, with Ibrahim Ali, swearing an oath in the name of Allah to defend Malay rights from the non-Malays till the last drop of his blood

Zahid Mat Arip left Umno in September 1998 and joined PKR in April 1999 when the party was formed. Zahid Mat Arip then organised a nationwide tour for the PKR Youth leaders to swear a sacred oath (sumpah keramat) in the name of Allah that they would never rest until Anwar Ibrahim was freed from jail and that they would never rejoin Umno until the day they die.

Zahid Mat Arip then left PKR and rejoined Umno together with ‘The Dirty Dozen‘ when they were paid RM25 million to defect. Soon after that he worked for Mohd Isa Abdul Samad as his campaign manager, basically to bribe the delegates to the Umno assembly.

For that Zahid Mat Arip received RM50 million (but he spent only half that amount and pocketed the rest). However, Zahid Mat Arip did such an amateur and sloppy job that he got Isa into trouble, who was eventually suspended from the party due to Zahid Mat Arip’s stupidity.

Zahid Mat Arip joins Mahathir’s PPBM and a few months later leaves again to form a new party

Zahid Mat Arip then left Umno to join Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s PPBM a.k.a. Pribumi on the promise of RM10 million. When he did not receive the promised RM10 million he left PPBM soon after that to join Ezam Mohd Nor’s Parti Bebas Rasuah on the promise that Ezam would pay him that RM10 million instead.

It is said that Ezam did not pay him the RM10 million after all and now Zahid Mat Arip is negotiating to rejoin Umno but the party does not want to touch him with a ten-foot pole.