What’s happened to DAP’s principles?

The party seems to have lost its way since Karpal Singh’s death.

Karamjit Singh, Free Malaysia Today

Lately I have been bombarded with Whatsapp messages from both sides of the political divide about the so-called Malaysian Indian Blueprint, one of which comes from a gentleman I have known for the past 30 years.

He and I fought the same war against the Barisan Nasional dictatorship together with our comrade, the late Karpal Singh.

He listed plenty of pointers to debunk the blueprint and the government along with it. Not a single pointer brought me solace.

Beyond that, I am getting tired of Pakatan Harapan and DAP’s newfound ideals and friends.

DAP has truly lost its way. It was once a party with principles, but it now looks as if it has taken some things from the BN playbook, including the culture of cronyism. It seems to have lost its teeth since Karpal’s departure.

Karpal held to his principles with utmost resolve, but within two years of his death, his party accepted hudud and now it has embraced Mahathir Mohamad.

From Day One, I was against working with PAS. But no one listened to founding members like me. Now where is PAS in the equation?

And what’s with this Mahathir love affair? We can certainly guess where this will end.

Initially the opposition coalition under Pakatan Rakyat gave us hope. We believed there would be a life after BN. However, since the untimely demise of Karpal Singh, that dream has been shattered. Pakatan Rakyat died with him. Pakatan Harapan is a forlorn hope.

People acknowledge the problems with Najib, but the common question asked is: “If Najib goes, who else can lead the country?”

Now that the light of hope is dimming, certain quarters are finding a hero in Mahathir. It is shameful and nauseating because Najib’s alleged wrongdoings are like child’s play compared with those of Mahathir’s.

Mahathir is solely responsible for the sickness of this nation. Malaysia is bleeding, thanks to seeds sown by Mahathir during his 22-year reign.

By no means would I want to go down the path of another Mahathir regime. Although some say he has repented and is trying to correct his mistakes, it is important to note that he has never acknowledged his wrongdoings. He still maintains that he was right in everything he did.

In fact, despite his extra-marital relationship with Pakatan, Mahathir has never unequivocally said that he wanted Umno to be defeated. He only says that Umno needs to lose so that Najib can be overthrown.

In other words, he is holding the opposition’s hand only as an aid in the removal of Najib. Once that is done, he will shamelessly return to Umno.

Mahathir is a liability in any organisation, and he practises selective amnesia and tells partial stories.

The lust for power is getting obvious from both sides of the political divide. Pakatan claims to care for the people but none of its actions are true to its words. It’s certainly possible that even if the opposition comes to power, there will be no difference to what is already happening.

I am fed up with the ineffectiveness of DAP as an opposition party, especially with the Indian leaders within.

We all know how useless MIC is; so stop trying to score brownie points with voters by beating a dead dog. What have you, DAP, got to offer to us? Recycling the same old criticism of MIC and the Indian Blueprint would not bring about upliftment of the community.

You claim to have the most number of Indian MPs in parliament, but has anything substantial been put forth from this high number of representation?

What do DAP and its partners bring to the table? Effort and time used to write lengthy articles will be better utilised in a concerted effort to put a policy document forward.