Pakatan’s latest spin: Anwar is victim of 1MDB money

(LSS) – Pakatan is now trying to spin their latest propaganda that Najib paid lawyer Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah to put Anwar Ibrahim in jail by citing two alleged payments totalling RM9.5 million made on 11 Sep, 2013 and 17 Feb 2014 – using money which they claim is from 1MDB.

These allegations were typically started by Sarawak Report and then picked up by Malaysiakini and then by Pakatan politicians.

At the same time, WSJ and Sarawak Report had also alleged that Najib returned most of the RM2.6 billion which they claim is from 1MDB and subsequently closed down the account on 30 Aug 2013.

Hello… Pakatan alleges that 1MDB money returned and account closed on 30 April 2013.

Now you claim that payments to TS Shafee made on Sept 2013 and Feb 2014 is money from 1MDB?

Mana sekolah? Money returned, account closed and then months later can still claim money is from 1MDB?

Also, it has been stated many times that Najib’s personal account is used for UMNO purposes.

As for Anwar’s case, payments to Shafee is completely irrelevant as the decision in both the court of appeal in the year 2014 and the Federal Court’s final decision in 2015 are due to the 8 judges who listened to the evidence, deliberated and unanimously agreed that Anwar is guilty.

Shafee’s job is the prosecutor. It is HIS job to ensure he presents the best case in court to ensue the prosecutor gets a guilty verdict.

The simple question of how come Anwar’s sperm is in the possession of the police is still not answered by Pakatan. He leaves his sperm everywhere for people to pick up?

And what happened to the 12 witnesses that you claim you had to prove Anwar is innocent?

Also, TS Shafee CANNOT confirm or agree any payments, or for that matter, any transactions with his client without getting disbarred.

This is the attorney-client privilege that he must respect.

For many years, you all also allege that TS Shafee has been an UMNO lawyer who had handled many cases on behalf of UMNO and UMNO politicians.

So, what is the problem of UMNO paying for the services of an UMNO lawyer?

Has Anwar or Pakatan or Lim Guan Eng ever divulged how much they had paid their lawyers in their many-many court cases and challenges over the years? No.

Dulu kata Najib songlap wang RM2.6b dan wang SRC masuk poket sendiri.

Kini mereka dakwa Najib tak masuk poket sendiri tetapi digunakan untuk bayar pelbagai ahli politik, syarikat media, Sultan Pahang, caj peguam dan NGO pulak?

Bukan songlap masuk poket sendiri lagi ke?

Please make up your mind.