Subang MP gets royal tongue lashing over mosque speech

But PKR is not going to lose any sleep over the matter

(The Star) – A deeply irked Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah gave Subang MP Sivarasa Rasiah a tongue lashing for not following the Ruler’s directive for politicians not to deliver speeches or talks in mosques.

In his address at the breaking of fast and the launch of the Masjid An Nur Temasya Glenmarie, here, on Friday, the Selangor Sultan said he had stated on many occasions that mosques must not be used for such purposes but it appeared that his directive went unheeded.

The Ruler said he would not prevent the Subang MP if he wanted to give a speech for “eight or 10 hours” outside the mosque perimeter because it depends on the people whether they want to hear him speak.

“You have crossed the line,” said Sultan Sharafuddin.

Sivarasa received the shelling from the Ruler for delivering a speech at the Masjid An Nur in Kampung Melayu Subang on May 24 after he went there to hand over a RM71,000 allocation to be distributed to mosques and surau in his constituency.

“I do not allow politicians to give talks or speeches in mosques because I do not want it to be the cause of creating disunity among Muslims,” said Sultan Sharafuddin.