Ho Kay Tat’s question regarding TMI finally answered

When The Malaysian Insight was first launched the impression they gave is that DAP is behind them and was their financier. Now it appears that DAP is not The Malaysia Insight’s sole financier but they have a second financier, a certain individual from Barisan Nasional. And while this particular financier from Barisan Nasional knows about DAP’s role in The Malaysian Insight, DAP does not know about the existence of this second financier.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Come clean on funders, The Edge boss tells new portal

(Malay Mail Online, 21 Mar 2017) – Jahabar Sadiq, the former editor of defunct news portal The Malaysian Insider (TMI), has been challenged by his former financiers today to reveal the source of funds for his new outfit The Malaysian Insight.

Ho Kay Tat, the publisher of The Edge Media Group that owned TMI before shutting it down in March last year, said the revelation is needed for the sake of transparency and public interest.

“I hope Mr Jahabar has now found better financiers than us for The Malaysian Insight. He has said that his financial sources are private equity, businessmen and loans.”

“For transparency and in the public interest, Mr Jahabar should provide their names and not let the matter be shrouded in mystery,” Ho said in a letter to Singapore’s daily The Straits Times.


Tong blew RM13 million on TMI before he closed it down and now it has resurfaced with new mystery financiers

Malaysia Today wrote about this matter almost two months ago on 1st, 2nd and 3rd April 2017, which you can read at the links below.

This story revolves around Jahabar Sadiq, the former editor of the now defunct news portal The Malaysian Insider (TMI). After blowing around RM13 million over two years, TMI closed down because the owner did not see any future in a news portal that was swallowing RM6 million a year (which is about what it also costs to run Malaysiakini and about RM4 million a year to run Free Malaysia Today).

Now that The Malaysian Insider has been transformed into The Malaysian Insight (also TMI), Ho Kay Tat wants to know where the RM6 million a year is coming from. Jahabar says the money is coming from ‘private equity, businessmen and loans’ but Ho wants him to be more specific and transparent as to TMI’s source of funding.

When TMI was The Malaysian Insider the money came from millionaire Tong Kooi Ong. But Tong is not behind The Malaysian Insight and Ho wants to know who is. They know Jahabar does not have the money and even Jahabar himself admits that there are people behind him who are funding The Malaysian Insight. The question is who? After all we are talking about a commitment of RM40 million with no returns over these next five years.


Jahabar is Guan Eng’s get-out-of-jail card 

The Malaysian Insight: proof of the pudding is in the eating 

Jahabar Sadiq and the mystery of his funder

Jahabar is the darling of the DAP Chinese

When The Malaysian Insight was first launched Jahabar did not hide the fact that Lim Kit Siang and DAP are behind him. He even circulated photos of him and Lim Guan Eng socialising and boozing. Superman Hew revealed that DAP’s strategy is to use Malays to screw Malays so it made sense that they would use Jahabar to screw Malays.

In fact, Kit Siang and DAP have not denied they are behind Jahabar and The Malaysian Insight. After all why bother to deny what is already public knowledge? Anyway, so what if DAP is behind The Malaysian Insight? There is nothing wrong with that and no crime has been committed.

But then Jahabar is a smart cookie. He destroyed The Malaysian Insider and then offered to buy it for just RM1 million. He even told The Malaysian Insider staff to take a two-month holiday and not seek employment elsewhere because they are going to be up and running again in no time at all.

Jahabar’s first paymaster, DAP

But Jahabar could not come out with the money and his financiers did not want to spend RM12 million buying up The Malaysian Insider because of the baggage it was carrying. Furthermore, Jahabar was going to pay Tong just RM1 million and pocket the rest. So Jahabar was forced to create the new portal called The Malaysian Insight.

But what Kit Siang and DAP do not know is although they are Jahabar’s employer and the financier of The Malaysian Insight, they are not the only one. Jahabar has got a second employer and financier, a certain individual from Barisan Nasional. It is actually a very ideal situation, which many men would love to find themselves in.

While Jahabar is married to DAP, he is secretly keeping a mistress on the side. And while the mistress knows about the wife, the wife does not know about the mistress. So Jahabar’s second financier knows about DAP’s role in The Malaysian Insight but DAP does not know about the existence of this individual from Barisan Nasional.

Initially, when it was first launched, The Malaysian Insight gave the impression it was pro-DAP and/or pro-Pakatan Harapan. Then it slowly began to shift to the ‘other side’ and the articles and reports of late reveal its shift. It is now not so much anti-Umno and/or anti-Barisan Nasional as it is anti-a-certain-faction in Umno and/or Barisan Nasional. And the information that The Malaysian Insight is able to get its hands on proves that it can only have come from very high up and from those within the inner circle.

The mystery man knows about DAP but DAP does not about the existence of this mystery man who is co-financing Jahabar and TMI

Expect even more exposes over the next few months. The Malaysian Insight is going to reveal secrets that even DAP and Pakatan Harapan are not aware of. In fact, many in Umno and Barisan Nasional do not know what The Malaysian Insight knows.

There is a certain hidden hand in Barisan Nasional who is running a rogue operation that even Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is in the dark about. This person is using The Malaysian Insight as his assassination squad to kill off certain targets within Barisan Nasional. And the beautiful thing is everyone is going to think that DAP is doing the assassinating while it is actually this person in Barisan Nasional.

Meanwhile, Jahabar is what the Malays would say makan keliling by getting funding from both DAP as well as from this Barisan Nasional person.

The Malaysian Insight’s secondary mission has now been revealed. It is not just a DAP or Pakatan Harapan vehicle to whack Umno and Barisan Nasional. It is also a vehicle to bring down the group in Umno and Barisan Nasional that is an obstacle to the ‘other group’ that wants to grab power. And before they can grab power the obstacles must be removed and The Malaysian Insight is that tool to achieve that.