Mahathir ketinggalan zaman over cash withdrawals

(LSS) – 1. Today, Chedet post yet again shows how much of a liar that Mahathir is an how he is behind times.

2. In his blog post titled “HOW NAJIB PLANS TO WIN“, he stated that elections cost a lot of money and that Najib’s strategy to win is to starve the opposition of funding. and donations.

And that without funding, the opposition cannot win.

3. Don’t tell us that his son Mokhzani, who was officially 2nd richest Malay in the world does not have money. In 2014, he was listed to be worth RM4.3 billion ringgit – and this is before even tapping your other sons Mukhriz and Mirzan who are mega-rich too.

4. Don’t tell us that RM4.3 billion is not enough? If it is really not enough, you can always call your partner Daim Zainuddin who had once owned 14 banks around the world.

5. Or you can call George Soros, who have already been exposed as funding the opposition as part of the “Malaysia Program”.

6. So, don’t give us the no funding crap.

7.  Mahathir then accused Najib to say that he has blocked all cash withdrawal above RM40k unless a good reason is given. He says this is to prevent people funding the opposition.

8. Mahathir should realise that in this age of terrorism, ALL banks around the world would ask you or even limit your cash withdrawals if you do not have a valid reason or show proof of your need for so much cash.

9. In the USA, anti-money laundering rules require you to fill in forms if you want to withdraw US$10,000 and above:

10. In the United Kingdom, cash withdrawals are even limited to  £2,000  pounds – depending on the branch:

11. It looks like Mahathir is seriously behind times if he makes such a silly accusation.

12. In the article, it seems Mahathir is still dissatisfied that his corporate tycoon “friends” has been audited by LHDN and found to have large outstanding tax bills.

One of his long-time friends from the property developer Country Heights where Mahathir bought his large bungalow from, already agreed that he had owed taxes from 1997-1998 and has agreed to pay up.

13. The tax law is very straight-forward. Either you owe or you don’t owe taxes. If you don’t agree that you owe then you can either appeal or fight it in court.

14. Why should such corporate tycoons be exempted from paying their rightful amount of taxes due just because they are your good friends?

Thanks to you, they are already so mega-rich. They can afford to pay.  Remember that the only reason that they owe so much in back taxes is because they had already made so much.

15. Just because you have personal dendam against PM Najib, it does not give you the right to simply throw allegations – or worse, pretend that you and your family is poor or that your long-time tycoon friends who used to take good care of you are victimised because they owe taxes.