Blogger has ‘proof’ DAP rep tried to get British citizenship

(The Star) – Political blogger Lim Sian See has provided what he claims is proof that a Perak DAP assemblyman had attempted to obtain British citizenship numerous times and failed, before returning to Malaysia to contest in the last general election.

He claimed that Pasir Pinji assemblyman Howard Lee Chuan How also used his Commonwealth citizenship while living in the UK for over 12 years to contest a local council election for Norwich City on a Liberal Democrats ticket in Sept 2010.

Lee had earlier published a Facebook post where he denied ever acquiring foreign citizenship, and welcomed anyone to challenge that fact through the “proper channels”.

Lee, a first-term assemblyman, said his Malaysian citizenship “is indisputable,” and he welcomed anyone to challenge the fact through proper channels.

Lim admitted that this was true, but maintained that Lee’s loyalty to Malaysia was still questionable as he had repeatedly tried to obtain British citizenship despite being rejected.

He added in a Facebook post on Wednesday that Malaysia and the Perak state legislative assembly were a second choice for Lee.

“It is unlikely that he (Lee) would have contested in Malaysia if he had got his British citizenship or won in the Norwich City local council election,” said Lim.

Lim said Lee’s case was similar to that of DAP’s Pujut assemblyman Dr Ting Tiong Choon in Sarawak. Dr Ting was disqualified earlier this month for having once acquired Australian citizenship.

“It seems that DAP politicians who failed to make it overseas will then come back to Malaysia – just like the assemblyman in Sarawak who was declared insolvent twice in Australia and was an Australian citizen for six years,” Lim claimed, referring to Dr Ting.

Lim said that Malaysia should not be the “last refuge” for disappointed politicians who failed to make it in other countries.

In his post, Lim provided links to websites that seemingly proved Lee’s attempts to obtain British citizenship, including enlisting the help of a UK lawmaker to plead his case when his application was initially rejected.

He also attached a separate link that led to a page showing the results of the Norwich City local council election on Sept 9, 2010, where Lee contested under the Liberal Democrats (LibDems) party but lost to the Labour party’s candidate.

“Lee only said that it was not for him to waste time disproving false accusations, but that ‘the burden of proof is on them’. And here, I provide proof,” Lim added.

When contacted, Lee confirmed that he stood for the Norwich City Council by-election, and pointed out that British laws allowed Commonwealth citizens to stand in local government elections in England and Wales.

He claimed that the accussation against him was made to slander Opposition figures.

“It is not for me to waste time disproving their false accusations, as the burden of proof is on them.

“Just like the saying goes, ‘The truth is like a lion. Let it be, and it’ll defend itself,” he said in a statement.