What is Hannah Yeoh doing in the mosques?

By Danial Ariff Shaari, Tanjak

Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff must have hit a nerve to have triggered such an angry, hysterical reaction from the Dapsters.

The ‘Becoming Hannah’ controversy conclusively proves that the liberals are biased hypocrites. Only they are entitled to freedom of speech while others must be silenced.

Furthermore, their fever-pitched wailing and gnashing of teeth at what was just a fair criticism in Facebook of Hannah Yeoh shows the extent of their persecution complex.

Essentially Dr Kamarul exposed the hypocrisy of Hannah, the DAP’s Subang Jaya state assemblyman, for preaching politics in church when her party DAP has been loudly proclaiming itself to be secular.

What a huge horde that immediately came to the defence of the Selangor Speaker while relentlessly condemning the UUM lecturer for impying that Hannah’s secular party shouldn’t be playing the religious card.

Some of the enraged DAP evangelicals gripped by hysteria even went as far as to say that Hannah is being persecuted ala Ahok the Jakarta governor.

The comparison is off base for so many reasons.

Recent protests against Ahok, the Chinese Christian governor of Jakarta

Hannah camping in the mosques

Is not Ahok (full name Basuki Tjahaja Purnama) legitimately prosecuted? I think he is.

Is he being unfairly sentenced to two years jail? Not at all. That’s merely half the maximum punishment.

Why did the Indonesia court give him two years?

The judge presiding over Ahok’s case was quoted as saying:

“As part of a religious society, the defendant should be careful to not use words with negative connotations regarding the symbols of religions, including the religion of the defendant himself.”

Another judge remarked on the reason for the two years penalty:

“the defendant did not feel guilt, the defendant’s act has caused anxiety and hurt Muslims”.

Now here is an interesting threshold we should apply to Hannah’s case. Has her constant encroachment into mosques and surau caused anxiety and hurt the feelings of Malaysian Muslims?

⇓  Hannah Yeoh and her interns inside the mosque

The DAP’s Occupy Masjid squad defying ban

Not too long ago on March 13 this year, the Sultan of Selangor issued his royal command:

“Pegawai Masjid hendaklah berwaspada terhadap penceramah yang tidak bertauliah kerana dikhuatiri akan menyelewengkan perkara-perkara yang disampaikan kepada jemaah umpamanya ajaran sesat. Pegawaipegawai Masjid hendaklah memastikan masjid tidak dijadikan tempat untuk berpolitik dan memantau serta menjaga kebersihan masjid dengan sempurna untuk keselesaan para jemaah.”