The damage Kit Siang has done to the Chinese schools

Chinese schools are a huge source of funding for Kit Siang. Money donated by philanthropists meant for the educating of Chinese children have been abused to finance Kit Siang’s political agenda within the Chinese schools. Kit Siang has put the entire Chinese education system in jeopardy. The indoctrination of hate is going to have consequences and the consequences are not going to be good for the Chinese schools.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Yesterday, Malaysiakini carried the story about PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang being admitted into hospital for heart surgery. You should have seen the nasty comments from Malaysiakini’s readers vilifying Hadi. Judging by these comments, it looks like race relations in Malaysia is gone forever. It will take a very long time indeed for Malays and Chinese to regard themselves as fellow Malaysians again. Clearly the Malay-Chinese divide is beyond repair.

There are those who argue we should not blame an entire community or the majority of that community for the actions of a few or of a minority. The example they use is: just because a few Nazis exterminated six millions Jews that does not mean the entire German race must take the blame.

That may be true. Germany’s population in 1939 was about 80 million and only about eight million or 10% were members of the Nazi party. So how can 80 million Germans be blamed for the action of eight million Nazis? And that is the same argument the Chinese are using: how can the entire Malaysian Chinese community be blamed for what just a few DAP people are doing and/or saying?

But then this is where the ‘do not blame the majority for the actions of the minority’ argument breaks down. In 1933, Hitler’s party won 44% of the votes and in 1938 it won 99% of the votes. So, while only 10% of Germans may have been Nazis, 99% of the eligible voters or more than 50% of the German population voted for them. So how can you hide behind the argument ‘do not blame us for what 10% of our community did’. It is not just 10% of the Nazi members but more than 99% of the voters who represented more than 50% of the German people who gave Hitler power.

The Malaysian Chinese are angry and say we must not blame the Chinese schools or the Chinese education system for what a few DAP people are saying and doing. Superman Hew is just one Chinaman so one swallow does not make a summer, they argue. That is true. But then the Chinese have to be careful about what they say because the impression being given is that it is not just a few DAP people or a handful of Chinese but a very large majority.

Monkey see, monkey do: a demonstration of hate politics

For example, yesterday Malaysiakini posted comments where DAP people said in the next general election PAS is not going to win a single seat because not a single Chinese is going to vote for PAS — and without the Chinese votes PAS is finished. They added that PAS also cannot depend on the Malay votes because the Malays are split into many parties, not like the Chinese who more than 90% are behind DAP.

Now, this is what the Chinese are saying and this was what Malaysiakini published yesterday. So the Chinese are admitting, and Malaysiakini is publishing their confession, that more than 90% of the Chinese are behind DAP.

In fact, every day we read comments (in Malaysiakini, Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia Chronicle, Malaysia Outlook, The Malaysian Insight, etc.) that DAP is going to garner 90% of the Chinese votes in the next general election while the Malays are going to be split into five parties (Umno, PAS, PKR, PAN and Pribumi). And because of this Pakatan Harapan might win 125 seats while Barisan Nasional will be reduced to 97 seats, said PKR’s Rafizi Ramli.

This is what they are saying. And the reason Pakatan Harapan might win 125 seats while Barisan Nasional will be reduced to 97 seats, they say, is because 90% of the Chinese will vote DAP, the Malays are split into five parties, and the Christians in Sabah and Sarawak are with Pakatan Harapan and not with Barisan Nasional.

So, who is playing the race and religion card here? DAP and Pakatan Harapan or Umno and Barisan Nasional? Read what they say in Malaysiakini, Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia Chronicle, Malaysia Outlook, The Malaysian Insight, and so on. Read the nasty things they said about Hadi, Islam and the Malays in Malaysiakini yesterday. And this is what the Chinese schools and Chinese education have done to the Chinese. And if you do not think so look at these videos below. Judging by the way they act and talk are these students of a government school?

The arrogance of these DAP Chinese school graduates is worse than in May 1969

So, if the Chinese want to convince Malaysians that the extremists and racists amongst them are a minority then they need to start walking the talk. Just talking is not enough. They need to prove it. And currently they are proving otherwise. So the ball is at the feet of the Chinese. What we are seeing are Chinese Taliban being produced by Chinese schools. And as long as the comments like those in Malaysiakini, Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia Chronicle, Malaysia Outlook, The Malaysian Insight, etc., continue, then the impression created is not what the Chinese claim: which is that this is the work of the minority. The proof, President Bush said, is in the eating.

Actually, Lim Kit Siang is the one who single-handedly destroyed the Chinese schools by infiltrating them and using them for his personal political agenda. Kit Siang knew that hundreds of millions every year is flowing into these Chinese schools and he saw he could use, or rather abuse, this money meant for education to finance his political activities within the Chinese schools. That would also mean DAP would not need to pump any money into these schools, as they would be self-financing.

What the donors did not realise all these many years is that Kit Siang was spreading his tentacles into these Chinese schools and could even dictate who gets appointed, who gets promoted or transferred, and who gets removed. Over time all the teaching staff in the Chinese schools looked up to Kit Siang as the warlord and Kapitan Cina of Chinese education.

The Chinese kids are segregated twice a week and attend kelas moral where the indoctrination is done

To the Chinese, education is number one and the economy number two. So, if Kit Siang can control the education movements, and then the guilds and trade associations, (DAP already controls the triads or Chinese underworld) this sort of makes him the shadow Chinese Prime Minister of Malaysia. And with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Muhyiddin Yassin, Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Mukhriz Mahathir, and many others, eating out of his hands (which has really impressed the Chinese with how Kit Siang uses the Malays to screw the Malays), Kit Siang can practically tell the Chinese to jump and all they will ask is how high.

In the past, since 1946, street demonstrations was mostly a Malay culture. Even in 1999 only the Malays came out while the Chinese stayed at home. In 2007, Kit Siang wanted to test his strength and influence and he told the Chinese to come out and join Bersih. They did, in droves, and Kit Siang knew that it was time for the Chinese Tsunami to happen. Four months later, Malaysia saw this Chinese Tsunami in the March 2008 general election.

The indoctrination of the Chinese Taliban (Talib means student and Taliban is the plural of Talib) over more than one generation has succeeded. Basically the indoctrination was to brainwash Chinese kids into hating Umno, Barisan Nasional, Malaysia, the government, the Malays and Islam. Parents even told their children who were studying overseas to stay on in their host countries and not bother to return to Malaysia. In Malaysia, they were told, Chinese will face persecution and discrimination. Hence more than one million Malaysians now live and work overseas, the majority of them non-Malays.

The way this indoctrination is done is actually quite brilliant. Twice a week the Chinese and Malay students are segregated. While the Malays are sent to kelas agama, the Chinese attend kelas moral. It is when the students are segregated that these Chinese kids receive their indoctrination. Kit Siang makes sure that the teachers in kelas moral are hardcore DAP supporters. And these kelas moral teachers brainwash the kids about ‘Chinese values’, which is actually DAP values and their doctrine of hate.

More than 85% of DAP leaders are from Chinese schools. Just observe how they speak English and Bahasa Malaysia and you can tell what their educational background is. Around 95% of those who support Bersih are from Chinese schools. And 100% of DAP’s Red Bean Army cyber-troopers are from Chinese schools.

What more evidence do you need regarding the damage the Chinese schools have done to the country? So, if as they say, the Chinese racists and extremists from these Chinese schools are in the minority and the majority of the Chinese from Chinese schools are not like that, then they need to prove that because the evidence seems to point in the opposite direction.

What is even more important is that Kit Siang has put Chinese schools in jeopardy. First is the issue of the abuse of the funds that these Chinese schools receive from donors that over time has come to billions. Next is the incitement to hate Umno, Barisan Nasional, Malaysia, the government, the Malays and Islam that they spread.

And Kit Siang is telling the Chinese it is okay to hate because the Malays are finished. In the next general election DAP is going to get solid Chinese support while the Malays are going to be so divided that no one is going to be able to form the government without DAP. And that is when the axe will fall on the necks of the Malays.