PAS: We can’t rule out cooperating with Umno in future

(Bernama) – PAS does not rule out the possibility of PAS establishing political cooperation with Umno in future.

PAS spiritual leader Hashim Jasin said PAS was always open to negotiations on condition the cooperation was guided by Islamic principles.

“We are prepared to establish political cooperation not only with Umno but also with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), including Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) which had shown an interest,” he said.

On the position of the three PAS state executive council members in Selangor, the PAS Ulama Council will leave it to the PAS central committee to decide, Hashim said.

He said the PAS central committee was scheduled to meet next Thursday and any decision on the matter would be announced in the meeting.

He said PAS had expected that PKR was going to ask its exco members to resign after the tahalul siyasi or political cooperation between the two parties was terminated.

“PAS central leaders are the people who work full time so we leave it to them to decide the fate of the three exco members in Selangor,” he told reporters after launching the Kepala Batas election machinery here today.

Yesterday, Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali was reported to have ordered the three state executive councillors from PAS to relinquish their positions after political cooperation between PKR and PAS ended.

However, Hashim said there was a possibility that a higher authority was against the resignation of the three PAS exco.

“Actually the Selangor menteri besar has the right to reshuffle the Selangor exco line-up but he chose not to, which is puzzling.

“So the Ulama Council is leaving it to the central committee to make the decision,” he added.

The PAS Ulama (Syura) Council recently unanimously decided to terminate the political cooperation with PKR with immediate effect, citing several terms of the agreement which PKR had allegedly violated.