Chinese schools: DAP’s breeding ground for Talibans

The Chinese schools mutiny in 1987 was not by chance but by design. DAP organised this resistance so that the Chinese schools would be able to continue indoctrinating Chinese kids to hate the government and everything Malay. If the government took control of the Chinese schools that would no longer be possible. So the Chinese fought back. And this was Anwar’s biggest blunder of his many blunders, he did not have a Plan B or a contingency plan.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

It started soon after WWI in 1919. The extremists within the German society needed to prepare for WWII so that they could punish those who humiliated the Fatherland by forcing Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles. And they would need at least one generation for this. So it had to begin with the indoctrination of schoolchildren from year one so that by the time Germany was ready for WWII they would have a fully-brainwashed fighting force.

Kit Siang learnt from Hitler on how to turn schoolchildren into fanatics and extremists

It was the same in 1979 when Russia invaded Afghanistan. America needed to indoctrinate Afghan children who had sought asylum and were refugees in Pakistan to go back and fight the Russians. So these children were indoctrinated to become Muslim warriors or Mujahideen. They were given army training and supplied with arms and then sent back to Afghanistan to fight. By 1989, the Russians found these militant students a.k.a. Taliban (Talib is Arabic for student and Taliban is plural for Talib) too hot to handle and they withdrew to Moscow.

So, whether it is Hitler Youth or Afghan students (a.k.a. Taliban), the indoctrination has to start very young and you need to catch them in year one in school. And that has been Lim Kit Siang’s strategy for more than 30 years since 1969, to create the Chinese Taliban. And this strategy saw results in 2008 when these kids finally reached voting age and the Chinese voters triggered a Chinese Tsunami that almost ousted Umno and Barisan Nasional from power.

Pakistan turned these seven-year old Taliban (which means students) into 17-year old Mujahideen and sent them home to fight the Russians

Of course, there is more than one reason for this Chinese Tsunami because there is never one reason for anything, politics included. Many times it is always a combination of reasons and there has to also be a trigger to cause the event or sequence of events. Study the history of wars over these last 200 years alone and you will see how it works. 

In 1978, Lim Kit Siang had already warned us in his book, ‘Time Bombs in Malaysia’, about what the future was going to be like. That was the same year when DAP doubled its share of votes to 664,000 from about half that in the two general elections before that. Time bombs do not explode immediately but will detonate over time. And that detonation time, Kit Siang knew, has to be at least one generation or roughly 25-30 years from 1978. But first DAP has to infiltrate the Chinese schools and indoctrinate the future generation of voters.

This time bomb or Chinese Tsunami was supposed to have happened in 1999. However, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad very cleverly retained the Chinese vote by threatening a race riot or May 13 Version 2 if Barisan Nasional did not retain its two-thirds majority in Parliament. The Chinese were scared shit and reluctantly voted Barisan Nasional because they knew Mahathir is capable of carrying out his threat.

Soon after that DAP destroyed the opposition coalition, Barisan Alternatif, and the opposition got slaughtered in the 2004 general election because of that. The goose was ready to lay its golden eggs in 2004 but Kit Siang slew the goose in 2001 just because he and Karpal Singh lost their seats in the 1999 general election — and he blamed PAS for it.

So it was a delayed event. 1999 stretched into 2004 and 2004 into 2008. Finally Kit Siang’s time bomb detonated in 2008 mainly because Mahathir spoke to the Chinese triads, Chinese educationists, and Chinese guilds and trade associations and asked them to vote DAP. And the one very important lesson that Mahathir taught the Chinese was if they all united under DAP rather than split into DAP, MCA and Gerakan, like they had been for more than 30 years, the Chinese can take power and even become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

DAP used the Chinese schools to spread hate and racism and to indoctrinate Chinese kids into hating the government, Umno, the Malays and Islam

So, the 30- or 40-year indoctrination was not enough. That only offered DAP the ‘fighting force’. But this fighting force needs to be galvanised and a trigger has to detonate it. DAP did the galvanising and Mahathir pressed the trigger. Finally Kit Siang’s 40-year dream became reality, but only because Mahathir wanted it to become a reality.

Mahathir saw this Chinese school ‘danger’ back in 1987. And that was why he asked Anwar Ibrahim to take control of the Chinese schools. But there was a mutiny and this just caused the Chinese from both sides of the political divide to unite. At that time MCA controlled the Chinese schools and DAP had wanted in for some time. The 1987 fiasco allowed DAP to step in and infiltrate the Chinese schools.

The government wanted to appoint less militant and less extreme Chinese teachers who could at least speak some Bahasa Malaysia even if they could not speak proper English. But the Chinese politicians would hear nothing of that. The teachers must be hardcore Chinese and not bananas, yellow on the outside but white on the inside.

There was a mutiny in 1987 when the government tried to control the Chinese schools, which was a breeding ground for hate and racism

The government was forced to back off and DAP took that opportunity to step in and take control. And that was when the Chinese schools became a breeding ground for racism and Chinese chauvinism. While the government controlled the national schools, DAP controlled the Chinese schools. DAP could even dictate the transfer of teachers. DAP Members of Parliament and State Assemblypersons are most respected by these Chinese schools and when they visit these schools they are given VVIP status at par with that of an Education Minister.

The Chinese kids were taught that the Malays do not really own the country, the Orang Asli do. The Chinese may be immigrants but so are the Malays. In fact, the majority of the Chinese migrated to Malaysia long before many Malays did. If the definition of Bumiputera is those who came to Malaysia first, then the Chinese and not the Malays would be the Bumiputeras.

Malays used to live in trees until the Chinese came to the country in the 1800s. And if the Chinese had not come to the country and developed the country, Malaysia would still be a jungle until today and Malays would still be living in trees. It is because of the Chinese there are towns and cities in Malaysia. If not Malaysia would be one large kampung. The example is Kampung Baru in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Umno is synonymous with Malays and Islam. So, if you want to defeat the Malays and Islam, you need to destroy Umno. And to destroy Umno you first need to destroy Barisan Nasional, especially in Sabah and Sarawak, Barisan National’s ‘fixed deposit’.

To get the Sabahans and Sarawakians to hate Umno they must first plant into the minds of the East Malaysians that their states have been colonised by Umno. So the ‘Sabah for Sabahans’ and ‘Sarawak for Sarawakians’ campaign was launched. Then the anti-Islam campaign was launched.

They brought in Bahasa Malaysia Bibles meant for East Malaysia (and published in Indonesia) into West Malaysia knowing that the government would act. They said these Bibles are for the Indonesian Christians in West Malaysia, which is a lie. The move was meant to provoke the government so that the Bibles would be confiscated and this would be used to incite the Sabahans and Sarawakians.

Kit Siang developed the dissemination of lies and fake news into an art form. These brainwashed Chinese Taliban believed whatever Kit Siang and the DAP leaders said as long as it came from the mouth of DAP people. Kit Siang became even better than Joseph Goebbels in the art of propaganda. It is no coincidence that Goebbels is Kit Siang’ favourite person and the reason why he keeps mentioning Goebbels so many times in his blog postings.

Kit Siang’s favourite person is Joseph Goebbels and he keeps mentioning that name many times

In a way Umno and Barisan Nasional were caught off-guard. It was a slow process that took some time so it was not so noticed. If DAP had fast-tracked the exercise it would have been too obvious and hence would have been detected. But over one generation, and starting from year one in school, although that would take 20 years or more, by the time they reach that 20 years it would be too late for the government to do anything.

In 2008, DAP’s votes shot up when 90% of the Chinese voted for them. It increased by another 60% in 2013 and DAP knew it was time to make the final death thrust. RUU355, which DAP had no problems with since 2003, suddenly became an issue in 2013. RUU355 was propagated as the ‘proof’ that the non-Muslims were under attack from Islam and all Christians must unite behind DAP for their survival.

But that is not enough. To unite behind DAP to protect themselves against Islam, or to fight against the ‘racist Umno Malays’, or to defend Chinese schools and Chinese education, or to fight for equality and the termination of the NEP, etc., is not a big enough deal. It has to be more than that. It has to be the ultimate prize. And that ultimate prize is a Chinese Prime Minister of Malaysia.

So that has now become the new Chinese Malaysian dream since 2013. That is what DAP is promising the Chinese for their support and their votes. And with the Malays split into five or six parties, and the Chinese united under one party, that dream is no longer a pipe-dream but a strong possibility. And if Chinese can lead Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines (Marcos was from the Chua family) and many other countries or islands around South East Asia, who says it cannot happen in Malaysia?

Today the Chinese are very confident that political power is already in their hands. The Chinese are solidly united behind DAP while the Malays are badly divided. The East Malaysians are very angry with the Malays and Islam because of the Bible and many other issues that DAP triggered. That is why the Chinese are no longer segan about openly attacking the Malays and Islam, something they would never have done before 2008.

The Chinese schools have taught the Chinese that dignity and principles have no place in this game of thrones. In fact, Chinese do not recognise that concept. They are rude, uncouth, ill-mannered, inconsiderate, and more. And the excuse they give is they have suffered for too long and now is their time to let off steam. Their education is about hate and racism. These are the ‘new Chinese’, the Taliban Chinese who are arrogant, rude, disrespectful, quarrelsome, antagonistic, short on integrity and dignity, and lack moral values and principles.