The hypocrites in Sarawak Report

These Mat Salleh can shove their outrage up where the sun does not shine. Calling us robbers, konon, when they robbed us and killed so many of us for hundreds of years and now act like they are upright citizens of the world. First pay Hindraf the RM1 million per Indian who were abandoned by the British before talking. If not, as Hindraf would say, podah!


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Mat Salleh, like those from Sarawak Report (plus the yellow and brown people who uphold the Mat Salleh cause), have so much to say about the ‘transgressions’ in Malaysia. Let us see whether they demonstrate the same outrage about a Christian leader being jailed two years for blasphemy against Islam in Indonesia (see news item below). An injustice is an injustice whether in Malaysia or neighbouring Indonesia. But at least no Christian leader in Malaysia has ever been jailed so far for blasphemy against Islam.

Mat Salleh (like those in the video above) rant, rave, scream, and foam at the mouth about corruption, injustice, democracy, freedom of speech, and so on. They act as if Mat Salleh are civilised while non-Mat Salleh are barbaric. Yes, Mat Salleh countries like the UK, where Sarawak Report is based, may be rich and powerful and hence can bully others. But they became rich and powerful by exploiting and robbing others.

At one time 30% of Britain’s economy depended on Malaya. Malaya was so economically important to Britain that they could not afford to give the country independence unless the independent Malaya was run by a government of Britain’s choice. If not then Malaya wouldn’t be granted independence. And that was why it took almost ten years of ‘talks’ before Merdeka was granted on 31st August 1957.

In the 1950s, Britain helped the Umno-led Alliance Party campaign all over the country, especially in the 1955 general election, the prelude to Merdeka two years later. All those who were opposed to Umno and the Alliance Party were rounded up and detained without trial by the British Special Branch. Understandably, the Alliance Party won 51 of the 52 seats contested with Umno winning 34 of those seats.

The British engineered it for Umno under the Tunku to take over Malaya by detaining without trial all the opponents to Umno

This is a demonstration of British ‘fair-play’ that the Sarawak Report people are screaming about. Today they scream about Umno’s hegemony and how evil Umno is and that Umno should be removed. But then it was the British who gave the country to Umno. And to make sure that there is no threat or competition to Umno, the British detained all those who were campaigning against Umno or who were opposed to Umno.

Finally, when independence was agreed, the British told Umno that they must absorb the Chinese and Indians. The British were going to wash their hands of the immigrants and Malaya will have to absorb them. In return, said the British, the Malays would be given a special position in the country and this would be written into the Federal Constitution to make sure that the special position of the Malays is protected by law.

But what happens if the Malays lose their majority in Parliament? No problem. No one can ‘disturb’ the Articles in the Constitution that deal with the Malays, Islam and the National Language — unless unanimously agreed by all the Malay Rulers. Even a majority in the Conference of Rulers is not good enough. Nine versus one will not cut it. It must be all ten before anything can happen. In short, you will never get an unanimous vote so the position of the Malays, Islam and the National Language will be protected forever even if the Malays hold only 100 or less of the 222 seats in Parliament.

British India and British Malaya were run by the East India Company, a company listed in London

The anti-Malay group says that Malaysia has a lot of problems that need addressing. What they do not want to admit is, even if there are many problems, as they say, these are problems that the British created and which the British left behind when they went home in 1957. It was the same in India. Because of the British, India broke up and saw the loss of one million lives.

When Penang was acquired by the East India Company in 1786, and Singapore in 1824, the India-based East India Company would not provide any funds to run these colonies. So the Straits Settlements government was forced to sort out its own funding. And they did this by developing the rubber, tin and opium trade — and for this they needed labourers from China and India (as Malays were historically never paid labourers and would not reduce themselves to become one).

The British captured Hong Kong to use as its entry point to export opium from Singapore and Malaya into China

In 1841, the British captured Hong Kong and used that new colony as its launching site to export opium from Singapore into China. Most of the opium was grown in British India while some was grown in Johor and Singapore. Singapore soon became very rich and no longer depended on India for funding.

The British also convinced the Straits Chinese from Melaka to move to Singapore and take advantage of the new prosperity the island was enjoying. The British granted the Melaka Chinese licences and permits and in return they paid taxes to the Crown so that the government had enough money to develop British Malaya. Basically opium was a controlled industry and the British granted the license required to do this business. But the British must be given a cut of the profits or else the annual licences would not be renewed.

On the other side of the world, the slave trade was booming. London, Liverpool and Manchester became rich through the slave trade. By the 1790s, there were about 480,000 slaves in the British colonies. Around 300,000 British sailors were employed in this industry, far higher than the number of sailors in the British navy. In total, about ten million slaves were exported from African alone (about 10% of Africa’s population), two-thirds of that who were sent to North and South America plus the surrounding islands.

No, the British Mat Salleh have no right to moralise and act outraged at the so-called transgressions of other countries. For 500 years they have been plundering other countries and got rich on the misery of the non-whites. Today they act noble and virtuous. If they are so outraged at what is happening around the world why don’t they first of all return all the wealth they stole? It is no use acting high and mighty while they keep and enjoy the wealth they stole from us. And then they accuse us of plundering our country when they did this for more than 500 years and left us very little.

These Mat Salleh can shove their outrage up where the sun does not shine. Calling us robbers, konon, when they robbed us and killed so many of us for hundreds of years and now act like they are upright citizens of the world. First pay Hindraf the RM1 million per Indian who were abandoned by the British before talking. If not, as Hindraf would say, podah!


Christian Ahok gets jail for blasphemy against Islam

A Jakarta court today found outgoing Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, better known as Ahok, guilty of having insulted Islam and inciting violence and sentenced him to two years in prison.

Ahok, who lost the election for Jakarta governor last month, is due to leave office in October.

He was found guilty by the court, presided by three judges led by Dwiarso Budi Santiarto, of having insulted the religion when meeting voters in Pulau Pramuka, Kepulauan Seribu, in September last year.

Ahok was placed under custody today until he is sent to prison, the location of which has yet to be identified. He has seven days to appeal against the conviction and sentence.

The court’s decision surprised the prosecution which had asked for a one-year prison sentence and two years of supervision.

Ahok, in a statement to the judges, said he would appeal as soon as possible.

Protestors for and against Ahok had gathered outside the Agriculture Ministry building that was temporarily turned into a courthouse for the hearing.

Ahok’s supporters were seen to be crying after learning of the verdict while his adversaries recited prayers.