What if someone accuses DAP or PKR of planning and endorsing firebombing of religious places?

(LSS) – Let me expose another one of Pakatan’s hypocrisy and Rafizi’s penchant for lying and inciting people.

Other than the OSA case where Rafizi was found guilty of exposing one page that has little to do with 1MDB but more about his inciting and slander of LTAT, Rafizi was also found guilty in Jan 2016 under Section 504 of Malaysia’s Penal code: “Intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of the peace”.

However, he was just fined RM1,800.

Yes, Rafizi at the moment is officially a twice court-convicted criminal who has also lost other civil suits for fitnah.

This is what Rafizi EXACTLY said during the Langkah Kajang period which he was found guilty of:

“Rafizi, 37, is accused of intentionally insulting Umno members, causing their wrath with the knowledge that it could disturb public peace through a statement in an article entitled “Will Rafizi quit if Selangor is not toppled”. ”

“And of course in the last one or two weeks we have seen some violence, with Molotov cocktails being thrown. These are things that don’t happen on their own. It’s planned and endorsed and being carried out by UMNO Selangor,” Rafizi alleged.

However in ceramahs after the guilty verdict, Rafizi says that he was found guilty of insulting UMNO – not that he was found guilty for being an asshole that uses religion and lies to incite the public.

Look at how Rafizi spins about this guilty verdict

Rafizi: In Malaysia, insulting Umno is a crime

Some media headlines also went with Rafizi’s spin:

Rafizi found guilty of insulting Umno members


Rafizi was NOT charged with insulting UMNO members but for provoking a breach of the peace (ie inciting the public)- especially religious peace.

However, if one BN leader comes out to allege that DAP or PKR plans or endorses to firebomb mosques or Indian temples, the Pakatan supporters will turn rabid and will demand the head of that BN leader.

They will never be satisfied that the court only fined that leader RM1,800.

These Pakatan supporters will also foam in the mouth if Utusan carries the headline of “BN Leader found guilty of insulting DAP”.

Do you see the double-standards, the countless and continuing lies of Rafizi Ramli, and the dangerous incitement games of Pakatan now?