Do you know?

(LSS) – Why DAP has repeatedly refused to condemn Superman Hew Kuan Yau for all those racist and nasty things he had said such as “Use Melayu to Skrew Melayu to watch best show of lifetime”, “Religious leaders like Hadi use religion to steal money and hamsap aunties” or that “Malays in the kampung are stupid”?

Why was there no condemnation whatsoever from DAP or Kit Siang or Guan Eng or any top leaders against those obviously racist remarks?

Simply because many of the DAP small-scale ceramahs, in the coffee-shops and on-the-ground politicking in the Chinese language carries the exact same messages as what Superman had said.

That is why DAP cannot be seen to be condemning these messages or say they are wrong messages.

Publicly slamming Superman as wrong will mean crippling the entire grass-root campaigning messages.

Instead, Lim Guan Eng still takes care of Superman Hew very well and until today, they even give him a comfy job as a museum curator in a Penang Govt sponsored institution.

There can be no other sane reason nor no other acceptable excuse why DAP continues to protect Superman Hew for such blatant nastiness and racist messages.

As Mahathir praises and publicly promotes DAP like in his most “ampu” blog post recently, he is probably not blissfully not aware that Superman’s message that DAP and Kit Siang is just using the corrupted evil Mahathir as he is going to die soon is being spread by the grass-roots.