Finally Mahathir proves he is Kit Siang’s bitch

Kit Siang played right into Najib’s hands. DAP is going to abandon its ‘Rocket’ logo, which the Chinese voters are very familiar with, in favour of a Pakatan Harapan common logo to face the next general election. DAP and Pakatan Harapan have just lost the general election even before the polling date is announced.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

It looks like Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has successfully drawn Lim Kit Siang into getting the opposition parties to contest the next general election under Pakatan Harapan instead of under each individual party. So that means DAP will be contesting the general election under the Pakatan Harapan common logo and not under its ‘Rocket’ logo, which the Chinese voters are very familiar with.

Najib knows that Kit Siang is driven by his ambition to become Prime Minister and eventually to make his son, Guan Eng, his Deputy Prime Minister. Hence it was so easy for Najib to use Kit Siang’s ambition against him. Najib also knows that Kit Siang is desperately trying to hide his ambition, which was why he asked Mahathir to make that statement yesterday in an attempt to hide his true intentions.

“The Opposition coalition will never be dominated by the DAP other than in Penang,” said Mahathir. Mahathir has no choice but to make that statement even though everybody knows, with Pribumi having only one seat, Mahathir is in no position to demand or dictate anything. By saying Pribumi wants a Malay Prime Minister, Mahathir is hoping that Kit Siang will make his son, Mukhriz, the Prime Minister.

The party with the most number of seats becomes Prime Minister and not the party wth only one seat

As Mahathir said yesterday, only 52 of the 222 parliament seats are Chinese seats. So that means if based just on Chinese votes Pakatan Harapan cannot win more than 70 seats, down from 82 in 2008 and 87 in the last election. So they need the Malay votes. But if they announce that Kit Siang is going to become the Prime Minister then they can forget about the Malay votes.

At 2.30pm today Kit Siang has to face the Special Task Force to testify regarding the US$10 billion Bank Negara Forex losses. So Mahathir is forced to kowtow to Kit Siang because Kit Siang can kill him anytime he wants by handing over all the evidence that he claims he has to the Task Force. And that is why Mahathir has no choice but to be Kit Siang’s bitch. And Kit Siang knows Mahathir has no choice but to be his bitch.

And that is the reason why Mahathir came out with his “Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia will never field or support a non-Malay for the prime minister’s post” statement to help Kit Siang. Kit Siang knows that Najib, Umno and/or Barisan Nasional are going to exploit this issue of him becoming Prime Minister to the maximum since DAP is going to win the most number of seats. And that would mean Pakatan Harapan will not be able to get enough Malay votes and will have to depend just on Chinese votes.

It is very obvious as to why Mahathir suddenly said that and who asked him to say it. They are losing the support of the Malays. Pribumi and PAN are not getting the one million members they thought they would get. Combined, they only have 30,000 members, not one million. This is even worse than PKR, which at least has 200,000 registered members although only about 50,000 are genuine.

Mahathir with one seat is pretending he controls DAP that has 37 seats but it is he who is Kit Siang’s bitch

It is very important they give an impression that if Pakatan Harapan forms the next federal government the Prime Minister is going to be Malay. Once they win, and DAP wins, say 50 of the 120-125 seats (which Rafizi Ramli says they can win if it is a straight fight and not three or more corner fights), DAP, which will then have the most number of seats, will become the Prime Minister. But that can be settled after they win, if they win. By then it is too late to do anything anyway.

But the icing on the cake is how Najib very skilfully drew Pakatan Harapan to do something that is against their own interest. DAP’s ‘Rocket’ is the most recognised symbol in Pakatan Harapan. But once DAP discards the Rocket and replaces it with whatever common logo or symbol Pakatan Harapan finally agrees on, DAP would be at great disadvantage.

Pakatan Harapan’s strength is the Rocket, which brings in Chinese votes. Brand identity and brand recognition is very crucial. DAP is going to throw away a very valuable asset, something that took more than half a century to build up. And all this just to hide the fact that Pakatan Harapan is a DAP-led Pakatan Harapan.

DAP is replacing its ‘Rocket’ with this logo

This was precisely what Najib wanted them to do and they did it. The new Pakatan Harapan logo is still unknown and will need time for its identity to be built up. Brand recognition is not an overnight thing. DAP may not have realised it yet but it is throwing away its brand value for something totally worthless.

It is obvious Kit Siang has buckled under the pressure of the attacks he has been subjected to. People in Komtar say Kit Siang has not been himself since the last few months. And his blog postings reveal this.

The decision to ask Mahathir to announce the Malay Prime Minister and the decision to register Pakatan Harapan and come out with a common logo is proof they are no longer cool and are reacting to the attacks. When you start doing that you tend to make bad decisions. Decisions made under stress are never good decisions. And Kit Siang’s decision to hide behind Mahathir shows he can no longer take the pressure.

They are saying the next general election will be held in September this year. Najib will not do that. I was told Najib is waiting for Pakatan Harapan to register its new party and come out with its common logo. Najib will then give it fast-track approval like he did with Pribumi. And only then Najib will call for the election. Barisan Nasional is then going to sweep the next general election and may even win back its two-thirds majority in Parliament. And then I will write an ‘I told you so’ article.

Najib played a very skilful political game with Pakatan Harapan by applying Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Najib drew his enemy into doing something that is against its own interest. And this proves that Najib’s Boffin Boys are far superior compared to the likes of Rafizi Ramli dan orang-orang yang sewaktu dengannya who talk too much about what is going to happen long before they even start doing things and do not know yet if anything is going to happen.

Kit Siang is so stressed out he can no longer make sensible decisions