Dear Dr. Mahathir, are you in support of the LGBT community?

Dear Dr. Mahathir,

On the 3rd of May 2017, I waged a vicious and unprecedented attack against Hussein Hamid, a pro-opposition blogger currently residing in Brisbane (or as he claims, Melbourne), Australia. The attack pertained an incident that took place sometime in 1961, the year Hussein is alleged to have been sodomised by jailed opposition leader Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (a.k.a. al-juburi).

Now, just to be clear, this open letter isn’t a sheathed assault against Hussein, Anwar, or others I named in an article of the 3rd, the link to which is provided below herein. Still, the fact remains that all those I named, including the Managing Director of Free Malaysia Today (FMT) – the all too cunning and somewhat elusive Nelson Fernandez – ought to clear their names by coming out in the open to agree or refute the allegations I hurled against them.

And I mean it, cos what my guys have discovered about FMT and this Nelson fellow just yesterday is going to knock the socks right off your feet the minute I decide to go public with the information. But enough about FMT – for now, at least. Today, I need to ask you a very important question, one I think needs to be answered before the upcoming general election:

Are you in support of the LGBT community?

The fact is, you once declared – back in 1998, in no uncertain terms – that a sodomite was not fit to lead government or, for that matter, be in government. By that reasoning, if Pakatan Harapan were to capture Putrajaya – the odds of which are next to nothing – the crumbling coalition would need to weed the gays from their fold, the likes of Rafizi Ramli, and of course, Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali. And I was told that the Director of the Special Branch did inform you that they caught Anwar and Azmin in a most compromising position, which suggests that there is something ‘going on’ between the two – which is also the reason for the bitterness between Azmin and Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

It would, as in the unforeseen circumstance the opposition coalition does assume federal power, we would literally have a gay in government, something you once declared you were dead against. And by ‘a gay in government’, I’m referring to Azmin Ali, not Rafizi, as the latter would probably be rotting together with al-juburi in prison.

But then, how could Pakatan Harapan weed out the gays, considering that you extended your hand in friendship to al-juburi, the very man you once accused of sodomy? I mean, isn’t that tantamount to supporting gays in government, given that al-juburi heads the very coalition you’re now a part of? So is it wrong for me to say that you are now in support of the LGBT community?

As a matter of fact, your support was further made apparent at a convention organised by the opposition coalition on the 12th of November 2016. On that day, you were seen sporting a Free Anwar badge alongside your son, the ‘very enigmatic yet elusive’ boboi. Is it not true that you shared a stage with a laundry list of oppositionists to demand al-juburi’s unequivocal release from prison?

So does this mean al-juburi was wronged by your regime? Or does this simply mean you are no longer against gays, that people like Azmin can be in government in the event Pakatan Harapan comes to power? What is it going to be? Are you of the opinion that Anwar is innocent, or are you simply ok with the idea of one man being buggered by another?

You need to make your stand clear on this, because, as it turns out, al-juburi had buggered Hussein Hamid while the two were yet in their teens. If indeed you’re against gays, then, you should reconsider your commitment to the Free Anwar campaign and issue a retraction immediately. However, if you choose to remain silent, then, we can assume that you are in fact supportive of the LGBT agenda.

The ball is in your court, Dr. M.


Raggie Jessy a.k.a. The Third Force