China is no ordinary investor, says Zaid

(FMT) – Former Umno minister says he fears for Malaysia’s future and sovereignty with superpower’s involvement in many infrastructure projects.

Zaid Ibrahim believes the government is giving too much away by allowing China’s involvement in many infrastructure projects in Malaysia.

The former Umno minister said China is “aggressively taking over all the ports in the country and building massive infrastructure” for reasons other than just a plain business investment.

“This is not a normal business investment plan, it looks to me to be something more.

“They are building universities, railways and power plants in Malaysia for their people to take over 20 years from now,” Zaid said in a speech entitled “GE:14 Don’t play with fire”, which he delivered at the Ponderosa Golf and Country Resort, in Johor Bahru last Friday.

“China is no ordinary investor, make no mistake about that.”

Zaid, who joined DAP earlier this year, said while investments are always welcome, however, the country needs leaders who are able to tell the difference between foreign investment and foreign acquisition of national strategic assets.

“We also need leaders who can strike the right balance between giving too much and too little to a foreign superpower.

“The leaders we need to deal with superpowers such as China are those who are not financially stricken or dependent, and who think first and foremost of the country’s future,” Zaid said before reiterating the topic of the talk, giving it as a reason why voters should reject Prime Minister Najib Razak and the Barisan Nasional in the next general election (GE14).

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