Gerakan offers to help Zairil, Dyana lodge report over photos

Kit Siang not too amused about Zairil getting caught with his hands down Dyana’s pants

(MMO) – Penang Gerakan offered today to help Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari and DAP member Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud to lodge police reports over the distribution of intimate photographs that purportedly resembled them.

Penang Gerakan publicity bureau chief Ooi Zhi Yi said the duo should lodge police reports if the photos were really fake.

“If they feel they have been framed, we would like to urge them to lodge police reports to stop the people doing this and if you don’t stop them, they will keep doing this,” Ooi said in a press conference at Penang Gerakan headquarters today.

He pointed out this was the third time such images and video purportedly of Zairil and Dyana were distributed, but no police reports have been lodged until now.

“If they have problems lodging police report, Penang Gerakan would like to offer to help them lodge police reports,” he said.

Ooi also condemned those behind the distribution of the photos on social media.

“We are against any form of personal attacks and gutter politics. I believe that such political culture should not be encouraged or take place in our community.

“We want our politics to grow in matured manner and not the other way around,” he said.

Ooi said Gerakan members themselves would be condemned if they were found to have distributed such photos.

“We do not condone gutter politics. It is their private lives. Whoever is in the photos, such behaviors should be left alone and not publicised,” he said.

Zairil had since denied it was him in the photos and claimed it was fake, so Ooi called on the real couple in the photos to step out.

“If it’s not him, we urge the couple who’s in the photo to come forward to save both of them from this,” he said.

In the last few days, photos that purportedly resembled Zairil and Dyana were widely shared online and published in newspapers.

The photos showed a couple sitting closely at a restaurant where the man’s hand was around the woman’s waist in one and another of them kissing.

This is not the first time that such photos and videos were spread online because last month. A video of a couple, also closely resembling Zairil and Dyana, dancing intimately in a nightclub was previously distributed online.

Zairil yesterday responded by denying it was him in the photos and insisted that the photos are fake and another attack aimed at maligning him.

Dyana had also responded to the photos by posting a statement on Facebook, labelling it a personal and vindictive attack.

Today, Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow said in a statement that Zairil had explained the issue to him and requested to resolve the issue privately as it was a personal attack against him.