Kit Siang’s con-game

Time and time again Kit Siang has been conning us. And his latest con is Pakatan Harapan is going to make Anwar the Prime Minister if they win the next general election. This is a con and Kit Siang knows it. Kit Siang knows that Pakatan Harapan is never going to win the next general election so Anwar is never going to become Prime Minister.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Lim Kit Siang has been playing his con game for quite a long time and the Chinese voters know this. The problem, though, is Kit Siang is all they have and if they do not throw their support behind him then there is no one else.

Of course, they still have Tan Seng Giaw, a very popular DAP leader, and about five of his ‘team members’ (Teng Chang Khim, Nga Kor Ming, Ngeh Koo Ham, Chow Kon Yeow and Boo Cheng Hau). But then Kit Siang made sure that all these six got killed off by rigging the party election on 15th December 2012 and the reelection on 29th September 2013.


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Kit Siang lied and said Superman Hew has resigned from the party but two weeks ago they held a meeting to discuss DAP’s election strategy on how to break up the Malay votes 

In fact, the Chinese already knew back in 1999 that Kit Siang and DAP were conning them. And that was why the Chinese voters punished both Kit Siang and Karpal Singh by voting them out in the 29th November 1999 general election. While PAS rode the very strong anti-Mahathir sentiments and swept 27 parliament seats and two states, DAP won a mere ten seats. MCA, in fact, DAP’s nemesis, managed to win 29 seats, a strong message from the Chinese voters that DAP should rethink its strategy or else keep suffering defeat.

Kit Siang knew that their partnership with PAS (the first time ever) to face the 29th November 1999 general election was a huge mistake (on hindsight, that is). So, on 21st September 2001, DAP left the opposition coalition, Barisan Alternatif, on the excuse that it does not agree with PAS’s so-called ‘Islamisation’ policies.

That was actually another Kit Siang con. In 1993, the Kelantan PAS government had tabled the Sharia Amendment Bill in the Kelantan State Assembly. That Bill was still awaiting parliaments’s approval and Kit Siang knew this. And PAS never withdrew that Bill. Yet, in spite of this, in 1999 Kit Siang agreed for DAP to go into partnership with PAS.

So, Kit Siang was conning the Chinese when he told the Chinese that a vote for PAS is a vote for Barisan Alternatif, and hence a vote for DAP as well. But the Chinese voters did not buy that lie. Not only did the Chinese not vote for PAS, they did not vote for Kit Siang, Karpal and DAP as well. And while PAS and PKR did well (because of the Malay votes), DAP did badly in the 1999 general election.

The Chinese voters punished Kit Siang on 29th November 1999 for entering into a partnership with PAS

And that was the main reason why DAP left Barisan Alternatif in 2001. Kit Siang knew that the Chinese would not vote DAP if they were still in partnership with PAS. But Kit Siang could not admit his mistake and do a U-turn. He needed a face-saving excuse to bring DAP out of Barisan Alternatif. And it has to be a new excuse (something that happened after 1999) and not an old excuse (something that happened back in 1993). And that excuse presented itself when PAS tabled the Sharia Amendment Bill in the Terengganu State Assembly in 2001.

So, on 21st September 2001, DAP broke off with PAS by leaving Barisan Alternatif.

It was actually all a drama or wayang. Kit Siang realised, on hindsight, that going into partnership with PAS to face the 29th November 1999 general election was a huge mistake. And the Chinese voters punished him, Karpal and DAP for that mistake. So he has to correct this mistake by bringing DAP out of Barisan Alternatif. But it cannot be seen that the reason DAP is leaving Barisan Alternatif is because it was a mistake for them to go into partnership with PAS in the first place or else Kit Siang and DAP would lose face.

In 1993, PAS passed the Sharia Amendment Bill in the Kelantan State Assembly. In 1999, DAP went into partnership with PAS in spite of that Bill. In 2001, DAP broke up with PAS citing the Terengganu Sharia Amendment Bill as the reason. In 2009, DAP went back into partnership with PAS even though the Sharia Amendment Bill that was passed in the Kelantan State Assembly in 1993 was never withdrawn. In 2015, DAP, yet again, broke up with PAS citing the 1993 Kelantan Sharia Amendment Bill (a.k.a. RUU355) as the reason.

How many cons does Kit Siang hope to play? An even more important question would be how come the Chinese are swallowing these cons after cons hook line and sinker?

Kit Siang promised Mahathir that Mukhriz will be PM and then promised PKR that Anwar will be PM because he knows both will never become PM since Pakatan is not going to win enough seats in the general election

Take the issue of Anwar Ibrahim as the next Prime Minister as another example of Kit Siang’s cons. Kit Siang says he supports Anwar as Prime Minister in the event Pakatan Harapan wins the next general election. That is like promising he will share half his winnings if he wins the lottery. It is easy to make such promises because you know you are never going to win the lottery simply because you have never bought any lottery in your entire life.

All Kit Siang wants is to retain Penang (which is why he is moving to Penang for the next general election). He knows that this is all DAP can expect. With less than 50 parliament seats (or maybe just 45), DAP is never going to be able to form the next federal government. Hence Anwar Ibrahim is never going to become Prime Minister. So what harm is there in promising Anwar the Prime Minister’s post knowing it is never going to happen?

Pakatan Harapan needs to least 115 parliament seats to form the next federal government, to be safe, although a simple majority is only 112. If DAP wins, say, 45 seats, then the rest (such as PKR, PAN, Pribumi and Party Rasuah) would need to win 70 seats. Kit Siang knows this is never going happen because that would mean Sabah and Sarawak (which have 57 seats) would have to fall while Umno must be reduced to just 80 seats.

So, knowing that they do not need to make Anwar the Prime Minister, Kit Siang promises that if Pakatan Harapan wins the next general election Anwar would become the Prime Minister. But he never explains how that is going to happen. And he does not need to explain because he knows it will never happen. So, again, Kit Siang is conning the voters.

Say Pakatan Harapan wins 115 seats in the next general election. What are they then going to do? Are they going to send 100 people armed with guns to the Sungai Buloh Prison and demand that they release Anwar and then bring him to His Majesty the Agong to get sworn in as Prime Minister?

Kit Siang says Anwar is going to become Pakatan’s PM in 2017-2018 but then he is in jail and cannot contest the by-election until after 2025

But then, to become Prime Minister, you must first be elected as a Member of Parliament. So how is that going to happen? Are they going to do another ‘Kajang Move’ and ask one of the PKR Members of Parliament to resign so that a by-election can be held and then Anwar will contest that by-election (which, of course, he must win before he can become Prime Minister).

But then Anwar will be barred from contesting the election until five years after he serves his sentence, which means at the very earliest in 2025. So, if the general election is held this year, Anwar has to wait another eight years to contest the by-election. And that would mean one more general election after the 2017-2018 general election will need to be held before the by-election for Anwar to contest can he held.

So, in the meantime, for eight years, Anwar cannot become the Prime Minister. Hence what happens in the meantime during those eight years? Does someone else become a temporary Prime Minister who warms the seat for the next eight years while we wait for Anwar to take over?

Has Kit Siang already arranged for His Majesty the Agong to grant Anwar a pardon?

For Anwar to be able to contest the general election early, say within three months after the next general election, he must first obtain a pardon from His Majesty the Agong. How are they going to get the Agong to grant Anwar the pardon? After sending 100 armed men to the Sungai Buloh Prison to break Anwar out of jail, are these 100 armed men then going to march to the Agong’s palace and at gunpoint force His Majesty to sign the papers granting Anwar a pardon? Or are they first going to force the Agong to grant Anwar a pardon and after that march to the Sungai Buloh Prison with the pardon papers?

Now, since Kit Siang says Anwar must be freed from prison and made the Prime Minister in the event Pakatan Harapan wins the next general election, is Kit Siang then saying Anwar is innocent and the judge fixed him up in a sham trial? Does this mean the judge who sentenced Anwar is dishonest, a crook, or had been bought? If so, and if Anwar is therefore innocent and a victim of a sham trial, should not then Kit Siang promise Malaysians that once Pakatan Harapan takes over this judge is going to be arrested and is going to be charged and sent to jail?

Yes, Kit Siang does not explain all this. And he need not explain all this because he knows Anwar is never going to become Prime Minister. Kit Siang is just conning us. He has been conning us so many times since 1999. And this is yet another of his many cons.