Kit Siang challenged to debate proposition that “DAP is a dictatorship”

(NST) – Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim has challenged DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang to a debate on the proposition that his party is essentially a dictatorship.

Tunku Aziz, who is a former DAP vice-chairman, issued the challenge to confront Lim’s decision to choose a Malay to chair the Pakatan Harapan pact.

He said Lim’s strategy is aimed at deceiving Malay voters into believing that a Malay would be in the seat of power, and would govern the country, were the opposition coalition to win the next general election.

“I know Lim will always deny the fact that he is a dictator and hypocritically talks about democracy.

“I therefore challenge him to debate the proposition that DAP is ruled and sustained by dictatorship,” he told a press conference here today.

Tunku Aziz argued that Lim’s decision to forego the chairmanship of the opposition pact is a tactic to calm Malay fears of a DAP leader taking power over the country.

“He is using Malays to weaken the Malays. That is why he has refused to become the chairman of Pakatan Harapan, or the opposition leader in Parliament.

“The stark reality is that if Pakatan wins the 14th general election, Lim will be quick to snap up politics’ most prized jewel – the office of Prime Minister,” he added.