DAP, have some pride!

Tay Tian Yan, Malay Mail Online

I must say that I have some mixed feeling for DAP. I supported it when it was young, sympathised with it when it was oppressed and when it has grown strong, I hope to be its overseer. In a span of 30 years since the 80’s it has grown from a struggling marginal opposition party to what is today a party supported by most Chinese. It is also the biggest opposition party in Parliament and rules over two states.

The DAP secretary general and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng sent Sin Chew a lawyer’s letter demanding an apology and compensation for carrying a statement by Gerakan chief Teng Chang Yeow. This is the most absurd lawyer’s letter received by Sin Chew in its history. The report was a routine one and the reporter had not made any criticism or views on the issue. If the person involved was unhappy, he could asked for clarification. However, by threatening legal action is a show of disrespect of the supervisory role of the Fourth Estate.

Recently, one of DAP’s former member was detained for insulting the prime minister. Several DAP leaders went to the police station to give him moral support. DAP leaders also upheld this former member in social media. This is a wrong example in a civilised society and would worsen the Malay perception that DAP is an extreme racist party.

On the RUU 355 issue, DAP doesn’t seem to have any solution besides pushing the blame to MCA and demanding MCA ministers to resign. DAP has not apologised for its co-operation with PAS. DAP’s strength in the parliament is five times more than MCA which means it carries heavier responsibility for the non-Muslims.

Why does it just depend on MCA? If DAP wants MCA ministers to resign, should the 36 DAP MPs (except for Sim Tong Him) also resign together? DAP has grown and is in command of so much manpower and resources.

Don’t you think it should shoulder greater responsibility? I am not attacking DAP but I sincerely hope that the party would do some self-examination and don’t disappoint its supporters. Have some pride!