Siti Kasim caused a commotion at 355 … again

(Tanjak) – On stage last night for the Syariah Court criminal jurisdiction debate were panelists Aidil Khalid, Lukman Sheriff Alias, S. Ambiga and Haris Ibrahim.

From the floor heckling pro-RUU355 first speaker Aidil was the notorious peroxide blonde lawyer Siti Kasim.

Siti interrupted the proceedings when Aidil quoted the case of Pial Khalida Abdullah whose divorce case was held up six years in the Syariah Court.

The organisers tried to quieten Siti down but got an earful instead and being told off for allegedly “disturbing” her as well as asked by Siti to leave her alone.

A few birds of a feather – call them Siti’s soulmates – among the more than 100 people who attended yesterday’s event held in an arts studio in Petaling Jaya had jeered at the speaker too.

Their unsporting behaviour is indicative of how the anti-establishment crowd are not open-minded enough to consider reasoned arguments put forth from the other side of the political/religious aisle.

Finally debate moderator Azrul Mohd Khalib took control of the situation.