Malaysia’s homophobia is a tale as old as time

What is this insidious gay agenda? How are gays destroying society by their sexual orientations?

The Malay Mail Online

So, Beauty and the Beast has been postponed indefinitely. Disney fans seem to be quite upset, judging by the cries of disappointment on my Facebook feed.

It’s a confusing state of affairs: apparently the film needed to go through some extra scrutiny from our local film censorship board thanks to the film’s director mentioning a gay scene.

You would think that the actual scene was scandalous; but rumour is that it is nothing more than a certain character coming to realise he is attracted to someone of the same gender. No hot bareback action, not even kissing.

Since the gay character is supposed to be a villain and does not get a happy ending (of any sort), you would think Beauty came under the special “gays are allowed in Malaysian shows so long as they die/repent in the end” dispensation.

Though US President Donald Trump’s administration seems determined to roll back protections and rights for LGBT persons, the reality is that homosexuality is something that can no longer really be closeted in modern society.

I don’t think I could “choose” to be attracted to women so if someone tells me they’re attracted to their own gender, neither gender, or both genders, my response is usually a shrug or “OK.”

What I don’t get is the constant bringing up of the “gay agenda”, whether it is here or in the US. What is this insidious gay agenda? How are gays destroying society by their sexual orientations?

It isn’t gays who are beating their wives, leaving their wives for other women and not paying alimony.

It isn’t a gay goal to siphon money from government contracts.

It’s not gays to blame for inflation, falling education standards and depressed wages.

When will Malaysians all just agree that whatever a person does with his genitals is no one’s business if it’s legal? I don’t read headlines about underage boys being forced to marry.

Of course someone will bring up the argument that gay men are all just closet paedophiles. Explain then, why there are women who also prey on underage children of either gender and let’s not forget cases of incest. Little boys are often a target of male sexual predators because, unlike girls, little boys can’t get pregnant.

If we were to pull up statistics of sexual offenders, you will find that it’s not gay men but straight men who are the worst offenders. I’d feel safe hanging out with a gay man — the most he’d do is probably tell me my eye shadow needs blending. Hanging out with a strange heterosexual man? I’ve faced too many instances when the outcome was an awful one.

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