Old wine in new bottle – a known vintage

I suspect that if (assuming) Pribumi does win the coming election with the ‘solicited’ help of dumbo DAP, it’ll be too late for anyone to touch him, even the DAP.

KTemoc Konsiders

Malaysiakini – Mahathir shows up at Reformasi event, gets heckled:

The crowd at the Reformasi convention three days ago was surprised by Mahathir’s unannounced appearance, considering the Refomasi movement was started by Anwar as a counter-attack against Mahathir following his sacking of Anwar in 1998.

Obviously the man who sacked Anwar was Mahathir, who then became Reformasi’s principal bête noire (pet aversion or abomination), but three days ago he walked into the lion’s den, totally thick skinned, in a desperate bid to solicit support.

By the by, just a snide(oopsy, I mean) side remark or rather a question: do you know who would normally be associated with the word ‘solicit’? Wakakaka, and hint: ‘solicitor’ isn’t the principal association.

Malaysiakini reported: During the opening speech Otai Reformis 1998 chairperson Saari Sungib, he said they would only accept Mahathir if he joins their campaign to free Anwar and if he apologises for what he had done during his reign as prime minister.

This received great applause from the crowd.Saari later told Malaysiakini that they did not invite Mahathir to the event. He said Mahathir had made a request to attend the event through Khairuddin Abu Bakar, …
Ok, so Mahathir ‘solicited’ his way into the convention, in order to ‘solicit’ support for his Pribumi in the coming GE-14.
Malaysiakini continued: Earlier in the convention, attended by many of the Reformasi movement supporters, a number of attendees had expressed anti-Mahathir sentiment in response to other speeches which mentioned Mahathir.Recently I commented that once, while I might not have liked Mahathir, I did respect him. Alas, my respect for the former PM diminishes in direct proportion to his post-PM pompous power-craziness which two best or, rather, worst examples had been:

(a) His unrelenting destruction and insults of AAB, even after the poor bloke had resigned.

Recall how in the aftermath of AAB’s political destruction, PM Najib dared not appoint KJ who was UMNO Youth Head to any ministerial position whilst Mukhriz who was nobody in UMNO Youth at that time was made a deputy minister.


That UMNO political incongruity was unprecedented and double whammy, and known-by-everyone as a as-yet unsettled new PM’s mollifying appeasement of a wrathful Kedah Kerala Kerbau on the warpath.

It was double whammy because the UMNO Youth Chief usually gets a ministerial position but in Khairy’s case he did not (probably Najib at that time trying not to offend Mahathir who totally disliked/still dislikes Khairy), while additionally Mukhriz who was not an office holder in UMNO was made a deputy minister (probably Najib mollifying Mahathir), wakakaka.

(b) Mahathir’s unbelievable statement (as far as I remember) that his two ‘successors’ (note the highlighted bold word is in the plural) were not to his satisfaction.

But his atrocious claim to having two ‘successors‘ was a damning indictment of his preposterous pompous pathetic political phantasm of being the perpetual prime plenipotentiary for Malaysia.

In more simple terms, Mahathir was a former PM who had pretended to ‘retire’ but who had actually believed he was still in power (as the de facto PM) and thus could nominate each and every ‘successor’ who came/comes after him.

Regrettably he succeeded in this belief with AAB which might have encouraged his self-delusion but subsequently was knocked hard back into cold reality by a far more cunning or (if you like Najib, wakakaka) shrewd Najib.

What Najib is/was/has been, via facts, evidence (or a lack of), unsubstantiated allegations’, or black propaganda, is entirely at the mercy of your personal opinion which no one should nor could change, but what is undeniable is that he is the head of his ruling coalition who has been nominated through their consensus (and not by Mahathir as the old man had believed) to be the PM of Malaysia.

And thus, undeniable is the FACT that Najib was NOT the successor of Mahathir but rather the successor of AAB.

But the point (yes, a media reported point) that Mahathir made of AAB and Najib being his ‘two successors‘ draws our attention frighteningly to Mahathir’s delusional, dangerous and detestable mindset.

The fact that now Mahathir has descended down so pathetically low (probably in self-despair but I have no pity nor respect for him at this stage) from his once arrogant high position, to ‘solicit’ support from his Reformasi enemies, the very people who call him Mahafiraun, Iblis, etc, has invariably and very sharply reminded me of his likely desperate wish to have a ‘third successor’.

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