Mahathir’s memory lapse may help him slip out of Bank Negara forex scandal


(Malaysia Outlook) – Mahathir Mohamad, the once seemingly self proclaimed memory expert, is not as sharp as he believed he was in the past.

Or as some would say; Mahathir’s is not the sharpest knife in the drawer of late.

This dullness of memory may bode him well if the Bank Negara forex scandal investigators query Malaysia’s former prime minister on the events which had taken place in the 1990’s, which led to a massive (RM ‘billions’) financial losses.

What is poignant was that with all of Mahathir’s berating of Prime Minister Najib Razak over 1Malaysia Development Berhad and unwavering calls for him to step down; Mahathir never suggested that he should leave office as a result of the losses while he was at the helm of the ship.

It has been some time now since a CIA report had more than suggested that Mahathir’s administration was responsible for the losses.

Initially Mahathir said that the report was political in nature and that it was the West trying to get back at him for all the negative things which he had said about them.

In making such a statement, Mahathir was probably hoping that the public would agree with him and just chalk it up as a conspiracy against Mahathir.

However, like one of those annoying mosquitoes; the real questions would not go away.

Those questions left Mahathir no choice, but to say that he was willing to assist with the investigation.

Mahathir was also probably nervous that Lim Kit Siang would feel the heat due to his strange silence over the Bank Negara forex scandal given how vocal he had been about it in the past.

There are many who see Kit Siang’s silence as a way to keep his hand in play as a potential deputy prime minister and finance minister as well as seeking Mahathir’s help in keeping Lim Guan Eng out of prison.

So Mahathir’s new found willingness to assist with the investigation is a preemptive strike.

He wants to give the impression to the public that he wants to help.

However, is it possible that the real motive is :

One, help Lim Kit Siang by keeping him from having to ask about Mahathir’s role in the Bank Negara forex scandal as he (Kit Siang) voraciously did in the past.

Two. Try to steer the investigation in a direction away from him.