Isma is Public Enemy No.1 to liberals because …


To the liberals, it is almost criminal that Isma continues to walk, talk and even breathe the air of our multicultural Malaysia

By Danial Ariff Shaari, Tanjak

I had asked, “Are they calling us ‘fascistic Islamists’, ‘religio-nationalists’ or ‘Islamofascists’?”

“To answer his [my] question, Isma types are usually called sanctimonious ignoramuses,” replied Mariam Mokhtar who is Malaysiakini cum FMT‘s most liberal Malay columnist.

“Others just call them, sanctimonious bastards,” Mariam further added. She provided this response in her personal website themed Rebuilding Malaysia.

I was hoping that Mariam – who styles herself the admiral-general of the Green Bean Army (see her Malaysiakini biodata above) – would at least respond substantively but I was sorely disappointed.

Since Mariam lacks the substance to debunk it, my contention in theTanjak series of articles titled ‘How liberals are …’ still stands. She does not even bother to deny the veracity of my contents.

Aside from the short passages where she name-calls us, Mariam additionally made a childish poster from a photo of me taken from Ismaweb, and adding some wording to it.

I’m reproducing below Mariam’s offensive captions:

•  “[Danial] Absolutely HATES being called ‘fascist’ … supports Jais fartwah calling liberal ‘deviants’. Confused much?”

 [Isma is] “Malaysian Islamic Racist Association”

 “[Danial] Calls MMO columnists ‘privileged’ … supports Malay supremacy privileges. Hypocrite much?”