Amanah to PAS: You handle Sejahtera, we’ll handle Harapan


(FMT) – PAS should focus on its allies in Gagasan Sejahtera instead of butting into the business of Pakatan Harapan (PH) component parties, its splinter Amanah said today.

Selangor Amanah chairman Izham Hashim said when it came to the distribution of election seats, especially ones claimed by PKR, Amanah, who is also part of PH, should be the one to deal with it, not PAS.

Izham was responding to PAS vice-president Iskandar Abdul Samad, who described Amanah as an “untrustworthy party” as it wished to contest in PKR’s seats in the next general election. Iskandar said this was akin to “stealing”.

“The issue of Amanah’s alleged plan to contest in some of PKR’s seats is actually in line with the changes in the nation’s political landscape.

“It may happen in the form of seat exchange among PH-PPBM components. But it will be decided jointly among us at a meeting.

“Iskandar need not worry about this and, instead, he should focus on the distribution of seats among PAS’ Gagasan allies,” he said in a statement today.

Izham was referring to PAS’ alliance with Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia led by former minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir.

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