Mahathir’s baby Pribumi already rocked by scandals


(Malaysia Outlook) – Barely four months old, former Premier Mahathir Mohamad’s  Pribumi has found itself engulfed in a sex scandal involving a woman leader Anina Saadudin.

Her alleged sexting with a man has been making the rounds on WhatsApp and pro-Umno blogs, forcing the party to drop her at the weekend as its proposed chief of the yet-to-be-formed women’s wing Srikandi.

She remains a member of the decision-making supreme council of Pribumi, whose chairman is Mahathir.

“Only a stupid party would bow down to a stupid scandal,” Anina, a former university lecturer said response to the scandal and being dropped from leading Srikandi.

No details were available about her age or marital status.

She has said earlier that the scandal would not affect her as long as her “children, family members, students and friends” stood behind her.

Anina was named head of the women’s wing on Nov 2, at the same ceremony where Pribumi announced its supreme leadership council members.