Mat Sabu’s comments on PAS president ruffle feathers in Amanah


This has increased calls for him to be replaced by Husam Musa, says an insider.

(FMT) – A party insider has hinted at a possible rift among Amanah members due to their president Mohamad Sabu’s defence of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s Iran visit.

The insider, who is close to the party’s leadership, told FMT that many in Amanah wanted Mohamad, also known as Mat Sabu, replaced with Husam Musa.

“Mat Sabu’s statement yesterday was a big opportunity for this group to push for its agenda,” he said on condition of anonymity.

Mat Sabu had said Hadi’s attendance at an international conference in Tehran last Saturday should not be linked to the attack on Aleppo, Syria.

According to him, the conference was an annual routine held to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad.

However the rebel group within Amanah disagreed, said the insider.

While they initially planned to avoid causing any problems for the party, agreeing instead to let Mat Sabu remain as president, his statement has ruffled some feathers, the insider added.

“The main complaint now is that Amanah appears to be a place for Syiahs who are hiding under Mat Sabu.

“This was the same tactic played by anti-PAS quarters aiming to take him down (while Mat Sabu was in PAS).

“The sad thing is that it is now repeating in Amanah.”

He also alleged there are those in the party leadership who are also a part of these attacks on their president.

When asked to elaborate, the insider replied briefly: “Those who read this will know what I’m saying is true.”

A former Amanah leader in Kelantan said he left the party as it failed to become a better version of PAS as he had initially hoped.

“They have the same modus operandi (as PAS), especially the former PAS leaders (who are now leading Amanah).

“Mat Sabu and his controversial views haven’t changed either. For example, the Turkey issue where he disagreed with the country being a role model for us.”

However, when asked whether there really is a movement aimed at toppling Mat Sabu, the man who refused to be named said “no”.

“But I don’t deny there are plenty of Amanah members who feel that Mat Sabu is not the right leader for a political party.

“Husam or Salahuddin Ayub (Amanah vice-president) are more capable. But wanting to replace Mat Sabu is just part of democracy.”

He agreed that Mat Sabu’s show of support for Hadi would create a rift in Amanah.

“To me, Hadi and Mat Sabu’s views on the conflict in Syria are right.

“Looking at what is going on in Egypt, Iraq and Libya, nothing is more important than to protect Syria’s sovereignty.”

He added that the action of several Amanah leaders now is no different than those in PAS who had fought against the progressives under Mat Sabu’s leadership.

“Suddenly, Amanah wants to come out as the saviour of Syrian fighters, without fully understanding the international geopolitics.

“Isn’t this just as hypocritical as PAS?”