Mahathir: “It’s almost like free money. If you didn’t borrow, then you are stupid. So, I borrowed.”

Mahathir-Mat Sabu

LSS Report

There was an interesting article yesterday where Mahathir tried to rewrite history when trying to defend himself. As usual, Mahathir’s replies were full of self-delusion and outright lies.

Mahathir: Economic woes not from my time

Dr Mahathir Mohamad denies the state of the Malaysian economy today is due to the lack of economic reforms when he was in power, iMoney reported. 

He was responding to an opinion piece written by the University of Chicago’s Dan Slater, who had said that the road toward Malaysia’s economic ruin started when he was prime minister and not with current Prime Minister Najib Razak. 

Slater had also accused Mahathir of not making the adjustments needed to pull the country out of its crisis, but instead burdening the state with more borrowing and spending. 

“That is not true. If the crisis was caused by me, I would have, during my 22 years, faced the problem of debt payments, recession and all that.

No recession problem?  Hello, there were multiple recessions and slow-downs during your 22 years – the 1985 recession, the 1998 recession, the 2001 slowdown all happened. 

How is it even possible for Mahathir to deny this and say that with a straight face?

If he is still forgetful, all he needs to do to is to go visit Plaza Rakyat, Lembah Beringin, Duta Grand Hyatt and Bandar Wawasan (Vision City), which were among dozens of developments abandoned due to the 1998 crisis.