In-fighting among opposition parties for rural Malay votes only benefits Umno: Musa Hitam

Musa Hitam

(The Sun Daily) – The in-fighting among the opposition parties for the rural Malay vote will only benefit Umno, said former deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam.

He said the opposition has realised the importance of the rural Malay vote bank but their actions would not help them win the next general election.

They were all going for the same group of people and this could only benefit Umno whose leaders have been going to the rural areas to drum up support for their party, he added.

Musa said although the opposition is trying to woo the rural vote it may be too little too late if an early election is called.

He added that all indications currently are that there will be an early general election.

He said the opposition denied the Barisan Nasional a two-thirds majority in Parliament in the 2013 General Election because of the united front they showed but now they seem to be disarray.

Musa said they may have also learnt a lesson from the last election and have now named current opposition leader Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as their future Prime Minister and whether its good enough that remained to be seen.

On Umno, he said the party has changed and whether its for the better or worse its a matter of perception.

“The party leadership is in a comfort zone ever since the strong show of support during the recent general assembly.

“There is a strong feeling among Umno leaders that they will win the next election because of the help they have provided and work they have done for the rural Malays,” Musa said during a panel discussion on his autobiography “Frankly Speaking“.

The former deputy prime minister said he was very surprised by the amount of interest shown in his book especially by the younger generation.

He added that he was pleased that his book had become a best seller and had topped the best sellers list for a number of weeks.

Musa in his book touched on the various problems and issues he faced during his time in government until his resignation as deputy prime minister in 1986.

He also touched on the present leadership and the economic problems faced by the country.

Musa said the younger generation must be reminded about the ideals behind Malaysia’s founding.