Muslims more highly educated than non-Muslims in Malaysia, survey shows


(MMO) – Muslims have more formal schooling in Malaysia compared to those of other faiths, a Pew Research Centre study showed.

The survey by the global pollster found that Muslim men had the most education, but also found that younger Muslim women in Malaysia are now more likely to have post-secondary degrees compared to young Muslim men, as Muslim women globally close the gender gap.

“In higher education, the gender gap among Muslims has narrowed by 3 percentage points over generations,” said the survey released last week.

“Not only that, but in some countries, the gender gap has reversed among the youngest Muslims  — meaning that young Muslim women are now more likely than young Muslim men to have post-secondary degrees,” it added, naming Malaysia as an example.

Muslim men in Malaysia receive on average 10.6 years of formal education and significantly above the national average, compared to other male adherents like Buddhists (10.4 years), Hindus (10.3), Christians (9.6), and those unaffiliated to the four major faiths (8.2).

Similarly, Muslim women in Malaysia receive longer formal education at 9.8 years, compared to other female adherents like Buddhists (9.2 years), Hindus (9.1), Christians (8.4), and the unaffiliated (8.2).

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