Kit Siang told to shut up


Pakatan Harapan cannot decide who should be the PM and DPM if they win the next general election. Different people are saying different things and this is confusing Malaysians. Pakatan is so engrossed on the PM-DPM issue they forgot to inform the voters about what they will do and how they will run the country if they get to form the next government.


Raja Petra Kamarudin


On 3rd December 2016, Mahathir and Kit Siang agreed that Boboi will be PM with Lim Senior as DPM

‘Anwarina’ Kamaruddin Md Nor, who is also a leader of PPBM or Pribumi, wants Lim Kit Siang to stop talking about who are going to be the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister if Pakatan Harapan happens to win the coming general election. (READ NEWS ITEM BELOW).

Actually Kamaruddin is correct. Over the last couple of months, so many conflicting announcements have been made, which is confusing Malaysians. During an event in the UK, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Muhyiddin Yassin is going to be the PM while he did not mention who is going to be the DPM. Then he went back to Malaysia and did a u-turn and said it is too early to name the next PM.

PKR, on the other hand, announced that Anwar Ibrahim is going to be the PM. Rafizi Ramli then explained how this is going to happen. The Chief Secretary to the Government, Ali Hamsa, will be instructed to apply for a pardon for Anwar from His Majesty the Agong. Within two days Anwar will be freed from jail and within two weeks one of the PKR Members of Parliament will resign from his/her seat to make way for a by-election.

The by-election should take place within two months or roughly 75-85 days after the general election. Once Anwar wins he would get sworn in as the new PM. Meanwhile, according to Lim Kit Siang, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail will be the interim PM with Muhyiddin as her interim deputy.

If Anwar does not get a pardon or does not win the by-election we do not know what happens then because Kit Siang never said anything about that. However, on 3rd December 2016, Mahathir and Kit Siang agreed that Mukhriz would become PM with Kit Siang as his deputy. The Boboi-Lim Senior combination had more or less already been agreed.

But then Anwar and Kit Siang also agreed that Anwar would be PM while Kit Siang would be his deputy. Muhyiddin is not part of the plan, just as in the deal between Mahathir and Kit Siang where Muhyiddin has also been excluded.

Kit Siang, Mukhriz, Muhyiddin

So who is Pakatan’s real PM and DPM after all?

Mahathir realised he made a mistake in the UK by announcing that Muhyiddin will be PM. So he tried to do damage control with a u-turn by saying it is to early to name names. Kit Siang also realised he made a mistake on 3rd December by agreeing to Boboi as PM with him as DPM. So he, too, tried to do damage control by announcing that Wan Azizah will be interim PM wth Muhyiddin as interim DPM.

All these damage control exercises just did more damage, which now no amount of damage control can solve. And that is why Kamaruddin wants Kit Siang to just shut up and not create even more damage. Furthermore, Kamaruddin is not happy because the deal they agreed upon was that Muhyiddin will be the PM. But Mahathir happens to know that Muhyiddin is about to face a serious problem with the Sharia Court regarding his affair with Nika Gee. And this scandal is going to totally destroy Muhyiddin for good, which means they need to dump Muhyiddin now before he drags them all down with him.


Wan Azizah will be interim PM while waiting for Anwar to take over

Anyway, so now we have many scenarios.

1. Boboi-Muhyiddin.

2. Boboi-Kit Siang.

3. Anwar-Muhyiddin.

4. Wan Azizah-Muhyiddin

5. Anwar-Kit Siang.

6. Muhyiddin-Boboi.

Depending on who is talking and at what time of the day, the combination for PM-DPM constantly changes. And after all that, we may ironically end up with Najib Tun Razak and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as PM-DPM after the next general election.

Somehow Pakatan has the impression that all the voters want to know is who is going to be PM and DPM if they win the election and that this information is good enough to make the voters vote for you. Is that all the voters need to know?

What about their plans for Malaysia if Pakatan Harapan happens to form the next government? Will more Chinese schools be created? Will the Sharia be abolished? Will the Federal Constitution of Malaysia be amended to remove Islam as the religion of the Federation? Will the Federal Constitution of Malaysia be amended to stipulate that Malaysia is a Secular State? Will the Rulers be removed as head of Islam in each of Their Highnesses’ respective states? Will the NEP be officially ended and an announcement to that affect be made?

What about the highway toll charges? Will all highways in Malaysia be toll-free like in the UK (other than just one: the Birmingham by-pass). How much compensation will the government have to pay the highway concessionaires to abolish the toll charges? Will BR1M be ended? Will the GST be abolished? Will healthcare at all hospitals be 100% free for all Malaysians? Will the minimum wage be set at RM2,000 a month. Will all those earning RM2,000 and below be provided with free housing?

Yes, these are the issues that the opposition is saying the government is not addressing. So will Pakatan Harapan address all these issues once they form the next government? If not then what difference is Pakatan Harapan to Barisan Nasional? Or is Pakatan Harapan just about who is going to be the next Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister?


Don’t discuss interim PM, DPM in public, PPBM leader tells Kit Siang

(MMO) – Discussions on election strategy such as naming potential candidates as interim prime minister and deputy prime minister should be made in private meetings, said a Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) senior leader.

After DAP’s Lim Kit Siang named PPBM president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as a candidate to be interim deputy prime minister, Datuk Kamaruddin Md Nor said his party does not agree with discussing such matters so candidly.

“If it’s a matter of strategy to win the election then it should be tabled at a proper meeting, not discussing it openly with the public.”

“Thus we would not condone making it a public discussion,” the PPBM information chief told Malay Mail Online after queried about Lim’s suggestion.

Kamaruddin also said that the focus of the party and its allies in Pakatan Harapan should first be on winning the next general election due before August 2018.

“We have to win the election first. Forming the government comes in second,” he said.

“Any suggestion on the pre-election Cabinet line-up is premature (and) akin to putting the cart before the horse.”


Does Pribumi not want Wan Azizah as interim PM after all?

Another PPBM supreme leadership council member, Abu Bakar Yahya, also refused to entertain the suggestion and echoed Kamaruddin’s views on the party’s focus.

“Our focus right now is to gain as many members as possible, so we can defeat Barisan Nasional in the next polls,” said the former Selangor Perkasa chief.

On Friday night, DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang proposed that Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin be made interim prime minister and deputy prime minister, respectively, if the Opposition wins the next general election.

At an event in Penang, the Gelang Patah MP stressed that Pakatan Harapan’s endorsement of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister-designate remained unchanged, even though the Federal Court dismissed the PKR de facto leader’s bid to review his sodomy conviction and jail sentence.

Lim said that both the PKR president and PPBM president would make suitable candidates for the interim posts, in light of the new electoral pact between Pakatan Harapan and PPBM.