GerakSikh wants action over ‘blasphemy’ against Sikhism


(FMT) – Local Sikh group files police report against author, publisher of book entitled ‘Agama Sikh berasal daripada Islam’, and wants books taken off shelves.

The Malaysia National Sikhs Movement (GerakSikh) have filed a police report against the author and publisher of a book entitled “Yahudi, Kristian, Hindu dan Buddha berasal daripada Islam?” (Did Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism originate from Islam?) over one of its topics “Agama Sikh berasal daripada Islam” (Sikhism originates from Islam).

In a press statement released today, GerakSikh secretary-general Amarjit Singh Gill urged the authorities to investigate the author on several factual errors published pertaining to other religions, including Sikhism.

“It is shocking that the author and the publisher can be so careless to print a topic entitled ‘Agama Sikh berasal daripada Islam’, which is clearly meant to confuse the reader and others to understand that the Sikh religion originated from Islam.

“This is an attempt by the author to try to blend the Sikh religion with Islam so as to confuse the people with perhaps an attempt to bring persons of different faith into the Islamic religion,” Amarjit said.

Calling the actions of the author an “act of blasphemy”, he said it should not be tolerated by anyone, more so in Malaysia where all faiths live in harmony.

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