PAS says would step on PKR in Kemaman


(MMO) – The Kemaman chapter of PAS will run in the parliamentary seat where ally PKR has contested since Election 1999.

Malay daily Sinar Harian reported the party’s Kemaman election director Hanafiah Mat as saying that they would also contest all state seats in the federal constituency.

“We already have a candidate and we launched election machinery at the parliamentary level last month,” he told Sinar Harian.

He said the decision was made following Parti Amanah Negara’s (Amanah) announcement that it would contest all PAS seats in the upcoming general election.

PAS was part of the defunct Pakatan Rakyat pact with DAP and PKR, which collapsed following disagreements between the Islamist party and the secularist DAP.

DAP and PKR went on to form Pakatan Harapan with PAS splinter party Amanah, while the Islamist party created a so-called “Third Bloc” with Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia.

PAS is currently at loggerheads with DAP And its offshoot Amanah, and has vowed to not work with the two.