Why Rafizi wants Anwar to become PM


Rafizi is telling us that Anwar can still become PM if Pakatan wins the next general election. And he has ‘brilliantly’ explained how that can happen. However, the plan sounds very confusing and is not really in line with proper procedure and protocol. But that is what psywar is all about: to make you focus on something silly or trivial to distract you from something else more important.


Raja Petra Kamarudin


Rafizi has a brilliant plan on how to make Anwar the PM

The opposition is playing a very clever psywar (psychological warfare) or mind game. This is what I call WMD (Weapon of Mass Distraction) — you raise one issue to distract people from another and even more important issue.

Rafizi Ramli said that he has an idea or strategy on how Anwar Ibrahim can become Prime Minister. If Pakatan Harapan wins the next general election, they would instruct the Chief Secretary to the Government, Ali Hamsa, to apply for a pardon from His Majesty the Agong on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim.

This can be done immediately and within 48 hours Anwar can be a free man, said Rafizi. And Ali, as the Chief Secretary to the Government and head of the Caretaker Government, has the power to do that, explained Rafizi.

Within two weeks of Anwar’s pardon and release from jail, one of the PKR Members of Parliament can resign his or her seat (like what happened in ‘The Kajang Move’) and a by-election can be held, say within two months (or about 70-75 days after the general election). Anwar would then contest this by-election and after winning the seat can go on to become the new Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, over the two or three months while all this is happening, Ali Hamza would run the country as the Acting Prime Minister. However, since there is no Prime Minister yet, a Cabinet would not need to be formed until Anwar gets sworn in as Prime Minister in front of His Majesty the Agong — after which Anwar would then form his Cabinet.

Furthermore, since there is no official government sworn in yet, Parliament sessions need not be held because without a Prime Minister and a Cabinet there is really nothing to debate and/or approve in Parliament.

Normally, Anwar himself would need to apply for a pardon and the application would need to be reviewed by the Pardons Board. If the Pardons Board considers the application has merit then it would submit its recommendation to the Agong. In Anwar’s case, however, the Chief Secretary would bypass the Pardons Board and deal direct with the Agong — while Anwar need not personally apply for his pardon as the Chief Secretary will do it on his behalf.

Ali Hamsa

Rafizi’s head of the Caretaker Government while waiting for Anwar to take over as PM

This sounds very confusing, does it not? Anyway, let me summarise for you Rafizi’s plan in a more simplified manner.

Anwar need not apply for a pardon. If he does then he would be admitting he is guilty of sodomy because only guilty people ask for a pardon. The Chief Secretary would do it on Anwar’s behalf.

The application for the pardon need not go to the Pardons Board. The Chief Secretary can bypass the Pardons Board and deal direct with the Agong.

A Prime Minister need not be sworn in yet until Anwar is eligible to become PM. In the meantime, while there is no Prime Minister, the Chief Secretary can run the country as head of the Caretaker Government.

A Cabinet need not be appointed yet since Malaysia does not yet have a Prime Minister. The government can function for the two or three months without any Cabinet Ministers and without Parliament deciding what must be done.

In the event of a national security problem, either internal or external threats (such as a race riot, terrorist attack, or an attack by a foreign power), the Chief Secretary can decide what should be done and instruct the police or military accordingly. If an emergency needs to be declared then the Chief Secretary will also discuss the matter with the Agong and His Majesty can declare an emergency if the Chief Secretary is of the opinion that this is necessary.

During the period of the emergency, the civil government would be suspended (which means Parliament need not convene) and the military, closely working with the Chief Secretary, would be fully and solely in charge of the country.

That is Rafizi’s plan or strategy if Pakatan Harapan wins the coming general election.


Parliament will be suspended while waiting for Anwar to take over as PM

Actually all this is pure hogwash. The only reason they raised this issue of Anwar becoming the next PM if Pakatan wins the general election is to distract us from the real issue and make us discuss something that can never happen.

Rafizi wants to make it appear like Anwar can still become the PM if Pakatan wins the election. Then we will focus on discussing the manner or technicalities on how that can happen. If not then we would all be discussing the matter of who is going to be the next PM if Anwar cannot become PM. And that is a discussion they would not want us to have, for obvious reasons, because they cannot agree on that matter.


Syed is suggesting that Justo runs the risk of being murdered

Meanwhile Syed Akbar Ali, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s spin-doctor, made a posting in his blog today saying that:

No one in Thailand has any reason to see Xavier Justo dead.

No one in Thailand had any reason to see Altantuya dead.

No one in Thailand had any reason to see Najadi dead.

No one in Thailand had any reason to see PI Bala dead.

No one in Thailand had any reason to see Kevin Morais dead.

This is actually a very clever way to insinuate that one person is responsible for all the deaths mentioned above. It also suggests that all these deaths are related to the same case, which is why one person is responsible for all the deaths.

It further suggests that PI Bala did not die of natural causes or of a heart attack but was murdered and made to look like a heart attack. This means the doctors must have been bribed into signing a false death certificate to cover up PI Bala’s murder.

I have no information as to whether an autopsy was done or whether Bala’s wife prevented an autopsy from being done (which means she may be involved in Bala’s murder) and if an autopsy was done who was the doctor involved (which means the doctor may have been bribed into preparing a false autopsy report).

What I do know, however, is that Mahathir is worried that Justo may travel to Malaysia after his release from jail and if he does then the truth might surface regarding the fabricated reports surrounding 1MDB. It seems the reports that The Edge and The Malaysian Insider published were false and Justo would be able to expose this.

So what Syed is doing is he is trying to frighten Justo from going to Malaysia by suggesting that someone had murdered many people and Justo is going to be another victim of murder. I believe Sarawak Report also covered a story about Justo’s wife fearing for her husband’s safety, which appears like Syed and Sarawak Report are working in concert.

Actually Rafizi and Syed are quite clever at this psywar game if not for the fact that I am cleverer than both of them combined and detected what their game is.


Syed has spoken: Justo may be murdered if he is not careful