How Mukhriz is going to become PM


No one disputes the fact that Mahathir was behind Sodomy 1. What most do not know is that Mahathir is behind Sodomy 2 as well. However, while Sodomy 1 was a sloppy job, Sodomy 2 was brilliantly executed that no one suspects it was Mahathir behind it but think that Najib was the culprit. And anyone who can sodomise someone without that person realising, and someone else getting blamed for it, is for sure very clever. Or is the sodomy victim stupid instead?


Raja Petra Kamarudin


The dumb and dumber team

Actually, Anwar Ibrahim is so stupid he does not deserve to become the Prime Minister. Come to think of it, maybe Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad did the entire world a favour in September 1998 by sacking Anwar as Deputy Prime Minister. And Anwar’s equally blur wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, is no different and who gives bimbos a bad name. I sometimes wonder whether she knows whether she is coming or going.

When Anwar played host to Mahathir in court on 5th September 2016, I thought we were seeing the silliest thing in Malaysian political history. Then, two months later, on 4th November 2016, Wan Azizah played host to Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Ali and she proved that the 5th September meeting between Anwar and Mahathir was not yet the silliest thing.

And I cannot figure out why this realisation has not yet come to the Pakatuns and the DAP Chinese. Is it because they are even more stupid than Anwar and Wan Azizah, which is why they support Anwar and Wan Azizah (since stupidity attracts stupidity)?

Have they not realised that the Reformasi Movement would not have existed in September 1998 and PKR (then called PKN) would not have been formed in April 1999 and Pakatan Harapan would not have been created (which was called Barisan Alternatif in November 1999 and Pakatan Rakyat in February 2008) if not because of what Mahathir did to Anwar?


Gua caya sama lu

I mean, here is a man, Mahathir, who sodomised Anwar (figure of speech, of course), by accusing Anwar of sodomy (literally and not figure of speech) and then Anwar, Wan Azizah, the Pakatuns, and the entire DAP Chinese, drop their pants and bend over (figure of speech, of course) to get screwed by Mahathir (literally although is a figure of speech).

Was it not Mahathir who fixed Anwar up in September 1998 by sacking him as Deputy Prime Minister on grounds he had buggered so many men and boys? And did the court not say it was convicting and sentencing Anwar on grounds that he failed to prove his innocence although the prosecution failed to prove his guilt as they should normally do? And did the Federal Court not release Anwar on 2nd September 2004 on grounds that the prosecution had failed to prove Anwar’s guilt? And did Mahathir not say he does not need any court to prove Anwar’s guilt because he (Mahathir) knows beyond any shadow of doubt that Anwar is guilty?

Everyone in Malaysia, the UK, the US, Australia, etc., plus the UK Parliament, EU Parliament, US Congress, Heritage Foundation, Human Rights Watch, HAKAM, Suaram, and many other human rights groups all say that Anwar is innocent and was set up by Mahathir. They call Anwar a political prisoner and a prisoner of conscience. And no one disagrees that the culprit who set Anwar up is Mahathir.

There is not a single dissenting voice. The verdict in unanimous. Mahathir fixed up Anwar on the sodomy episode, what is now known as Sodomy 1. And the reason it is called Sodomy 1 is because there is a Sodomy 2.

Wan Azizah-Siti Hasmah

The 4 November meeting that outdid the stupidity of the 5 September meeting

According to Wikileaks, it was Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who released Anwar from jail. Wikileaks added that Abdullah not only released Anwar but also wanted to bring him back into Umno. This is what Wikileaks said and the Pakatuns, plus the DAP Chinese, trust Wikileaks 100% because Wikileaks is considered pro-Anwar and pro-opposition and anyone who does not support Umno or the government must be trusted 100%.

Mahathir was very angry when Anwar was released and that was one of the reasons why Mahathir wanted Abdullah ousted (other than he was angry that Abdullah’s son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, was an obstacle to Mukhriz’s political future). Mahathir went all out to make sure that the Umno Supreme Council opposed Abdullah’s idea to bring Anwar back into Umno. That was why Anwar could not go back to Umno after getting released from jail in 2004.

Abdullah’s folly at releasing Anwar from jail plus his attempt to bring Anwar back into Umno cost Abdullah his job. Mahathir went to so much trouble to kill Anwar politically and Abdullah was messing all that up by reversing what he did. Mahathir had killed Anwar and he must remain killed. And if Abdullah had other ideas then he must be killed as well. And that was what happened: Abdullah was killed.

Then we had Sodomy 2 in 2008 just four years after the end of the Sodomy 1 episode. Many blame Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for that but then he was not yet the Prime Minister at that time. The Prime Minister was still Abdullah but even he was not behind Sodomy 2. The people behind Sodomy 2 were two of Mahathir’s men — the Attorney General Gani Patail and the IGP Musa Hassan.


Musa Hassan: Mahathir running dog number 1

Gani Patail and Musa Hassan are known Mahathir running dogs (until today). In fact, Musa was under investigation because of his links to the Chinese underworld crime syndicate but Gani instructed the MACC to close down the investigation in 2007 and two months after that Musa was given a two-year extension as IGP. And all this happened before Najib became PM and it was Mahathir who was behind all this.

So it was Mahathir, through Gani and Musa, who fixed Anwar up on Sodomy 2. However, they shifted the blame to Najib instead and accused him of fixing up Anwar. Najib had no control over Gani and Musa (until today). Mahathir, however, did. In fact, if Najib had tried to interfere in Sodomy 2 (such as he tried to help Anwar) Mahathir would have used Gani and Musa to fix up Najib as well (which, as the whole world knows, Mahathir did just that early last year when he tried to oust Najib in July).

Anwar’s Sodomy 2 trial began in February 2010 and, two years later, in January 2012, the court found him not guilty and acquitted him. Mahathir was really very upset and even though the prosecution initially had no plans to appeal the verdict, Mahathir told Gani to appeal it and that same month, exactly three weeks later, Gani filed the appeal.


Gani Patail: Mahathir running dog number 2

Mahathir was not happy that the prosecuting team did a bad job and allowed Anwar to win the case. This time Mahathir wanted Shafee Abdullah to lead the prosecution to make sure that Anwar would not escape a second time. Najib had already earlier agreed he would not interfere in Anwar’s sodomy case so he could not do much to prevent Mahathir from getting his way.

Two years later, in March 2014, the court reversed Anwar’s acquittal and Anwar was found guilty of sodomy. Anwar, again, appealed and in February 2015 the Federal Court re-affirmed the conviction and five-year sentence and Anwar went back to jail. Anwar then filed for a judicial review and, yesterday, he lost his appeal for a review and will now stay in jail until 2018, which means he cannot contest the elections until he is 80 years old or more.

Mahathir has finally wiped Anwar out for good. Anwar’s political career is totally finished. So there is no longer any need to talk about him becoming Prime Minister if Pakatan Harapan wins the next general election, and how it is going to be done. That would be like trying to discuss how to make Nurul Izzah Anwar a virgin again: something that is never going to happen.


Anwar finished: so only Mukhriz and Muhyiddin left in the race for PM

That has actually been Mahathir’s plan all along in spite of his meeting Anwar in court on 5th September and his wife meeting Anwar’s wife on 4th November. All that is just wayang. Mahathir wanted Anwar out of the race so that the main competitor for Prime Minister is buried for good. So now it is only between Mukhriz and Muhyiddin Yassin.

But then Muhyiddin can always be declared not suitable because of his affair with someone’s wife (or DAP can declare they do not want a Prime Minister who considers himself ‘Malay first, Javanese second, Muslim third, and Malaysian fourth’) and Mukhriz will end up the only candidate. Basically Mahathir removes all options leaving his Boboi as the only option and with Lim Kit Siang having no other options to choose from.

Anwar is really being taken for a ride. He is so stupid he deserves to be in jail — if not for sodomy at least for stupidity. Mahathir fixed Anwar up on Sodomy 1, and again on Sodomy 2 (while making the world believe it was Najib who did that). Mahathir eliminated Anwar as candidate for PM and will do the same with Muhyiddin after this, leaving Mukhriz as the sole candidate for PM.

Now that is what I will call the proper way to sodomise someone. Not only does that person not realise he is being sodomised, but on top of that someone else gets blamed for it as well. Superb!

Have you noticed that Mahathir slowed down his attacks on Najib while Anwar was fighting his court battle? Mahathir was worried that if he opened up two battlefronts then Najib and Anwar might unite against him. So Mahathir finished off Anwar first before making his move on Najib. And the battle-lines for the next general election that is going to be fought between Umno-BN and DAP-Pakatan is whether you want Najib Razak-Zahid Hamidi or Mukhriz Mahathir-Kit Siang as Prime Minister-Deputy Prime Minister. So simple and straightforward.

Kit Siang, Mukhriz, Muhyiddin

Never mind whether Mukhriz or Muhyiddin becomes PM, the Deputy PM is still Kit Siang