When the Rewcastles and the Sentinels squirm like dying worms


The Third Force

An international syndicate of saboteurs led by world renowned billionaire George Soros went on the offensive last Thursday, the 8th of December 2016, as Malaysia Today persisted in hosting a series of hard-hitting articles that made public their devious agenda. The articles have laid bare, for the first time ever, details pertaining to a decades-old complicity to impose a remote form of jurisdiction over Southeast Asian economies (links to relevant articles below).

Written by me and currently in its fifth instalment, the series has thus far taken the wraps off a massively convoluted and multifaceted complicity involving key individuals, establishments, institutions and agencies, both local and foreign, to cripple the Malaysian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Thrid Force-MT

But that is not all. Two weeks ago, Malaysians were shocked to learn that a former British premier had a big hand in the scheme of things and is the reason the world media is now focused on a federal owned local entity. It was the first time ever that Malaysians got to know of Tony Blair’s complicity with Soros to sabotage 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), a sovereign wealth fund wholly owned by the government of Malaysia.

Not only is Blair involved, he is currently the brains behind a Soros led media collective that has pledged some form of a vendetta against 1MDB. What surprised Malaysians most was the revelation of yet another complicity, this time between Blair and Clare Rewcastle Brown, the sister in-law of former British premier Gordon Brown, to sabotage 1MDB and all dealings pertaining to the wealth fund and its attendant concerns with several Mideast entities.

The revelation infuriated Ms. Rewcastle so much that she came right out the very next day to rebuke my claims. But her 29th of November 2016 attempt at a rebuke was anything but a rebuke, or for that matter, a rebuttal. At first glance, it would seem quite unbecoming of a former BBC reporter to forget that a rebuttal would only be a rebuttal if it served to oppose or refute arguments it was intended to oppose. But if you’re thinking it was an oversight on Ms. Rewcastle’s part, you’re dead wrong.

On the contrary, it is a perfect example of how she confuses her audiences with each article she pens. Most, if not all her posts may appear factual or intended to advance a specific point, but are in fact miles from the truth and derived off conjectures, hearsay and circumstantial evidence. And that’s how it usually is with fake news channels run by fake journalists who shepherd their audiences down the garden path.

Ms. Rewcastle understands better than anybody that in journalism a writer may easily get away with murder if he or she were as fluent and as persuasive as her, enough to weave untruths through a selection of truths and turn them into breaking stories. And that’s just what she does – she puts together fabrications in ways that would sensationalise an otherwise meaningless plot or story, making it appear substantive enough to warrant attention or concern.

But that isn’t how I function. For instance, when I tell you that both Ms. Rewcastle and her husband, Andrew Brown, were once involved in a financial scandal that rocked the British government and had to do with her brother in-law, Gordon Brown, it isn’t a mere allegation or figment of my wild imagination. Rather, it is the absolute truth and nothing but the truth, with no conjectures or hearsay weaved into my narrative to make sensational my story or make hills out of moles.

With that assurance, I can tell you exactly how both Ms. Rewcastle and her husband, Andrew, ended up being paid taxpayer money worth 6,577 British pounds between the years 2004 and 2006. The money was paid by Gordon, the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to arrange for cleaning services for his Westminster flat. Now, I assure you that I will be back with a very detailed account of the scandal at a much later date once I am done with this series, anticipated to span some 20 parts or more.

Suffice to say, the scandal was deemed by some in the British House of Commons as a deliberate act of criminal malfeasance on Gordon’s part and an abuse of position by a public official to receive gratification. Ms. Rewcastle took the heat off herself and her husband by gallantly defending Gordon, saying, “He definitely needed a cleaner when in London, and it was part of his expenses entitlement.”


She insisted that her brother in-law was “extremely scrupulous and conscientious in these matters,” calling the negative publicity her husband received “pretty damn unfair.” Yes, to Ms. Rewcastle, it is “pretty damn unfair” when her own husband is implicated in a conspiracy to siphon taxpayer’s money through a family member holding office. She believes herself and her husband to be “victims of circumstance,” but calls me a liar when I speak of a complicity that may have turned Najib and his family into “victims of circumstance.”

Can you imagine this lady?

Now, this is the same lady who runs Sarawak Report, a fake news channel masquerading as a “Media Courthouse” of sorts to provision Malaysians with recourse to justice. Her editorials are so far off tangent, the only thing I perceive in them is the sad excuse of a human being whose moral scruples are scattered and smothered in ambiguity. And it is this ambiguity that shrouds the Sarawak Report, a portal that claims to be on the path of righteousness but in fact concealed from Malaysians the financial scandal both Ms. Rewcastle and her husband were once embroiled in.


Ironic, isn’t it?

What is even more ironic, is the fact that her 29th of November 2016 attempt at a rebuttal was eerily coincidental with an editorial featured by Malaysia Chronicle – another fake news channel run by Tian Chua and his mistress – implying that I had been paid by Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, the wife of the Prime Minister, to come up with a series of exposes against her (Ms. Rewcastle) and the media collective.

Tell me, isn’t it somewhat queer how Ms. Rewcastle seems to dissociate herself from Tian Chua and yet seems to roll all her fabrications out in tandem with those by Malaysia Chronicle? How are Malaysians not to believe that both Ms. Rewcastle and Tian Chua (and perhaps, his mistress) were complicit to run the gamut of conspiracy against me?

As if the allegation by Malaysia Chronicles did not have enough crap in it to go around for the week, last Thursday, a John Berthelsen of the Asia Sentinel joined in the fray by implying that I was a paid ‘hit-man’, this time, using funds the Prime Minister had siphoned from 1MDB. That must make me a helluva rich man then – getting paid by the Prime Minister’s wife and through funds siphoned off 1MDB. It’s a wonder that I have yet to write an article alleging that the Pope was involved in a conspiracy to destroy 1MDB and Najib. With that kind of money, I don’t mind telling you it was Ms. Rewcastle who parted the Red Sea, not Moses.

Yes, Ms. Rewcastle and her team will say anything under the sun – and I mean anything – as long as it serves to discredit me or anyone who attempts to defend Najib or 1MDB. Next, she’ll tell you that I am being funded by the Pope himself, after which she would probably get the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to spin a report claiming that I had been funded by the Ayatollahs.

Just to be sure, John Berthelsen was once a correspondent with the Asian Wall Street Journal (AWSJ), the very ASWJ that former Malaysian premier Dr. Mahathir Mohammad had censured in 1986 for posting a series of articles that were critical of his administration. The articles, authored by Berthelsen together with his then colleague, Raphael Pura, implied that the Mahathir administration had housed officials who engaged in financial transactions that were fraudulent in nature.


The reports, which did not please Mahathir one bit, prompted the revocation of Berthelsen’s work permit along with that of Rapheal. The New York Times (NYT) was quick to censure Mahathir for what it claimed was the grand old man’s role in destroying press freedom in Malaysia. In a 30th of September 1986 release, the paper quoted a Leonard R. Sussman as saying that the climate for press freedom in the whole region had deteriorated.

Sussman, a known Soros advocate, was then the executive director of Freedom House, a so-called independent organisation in Manhattan that monitors human rights issues. Many officials who served under the Freedom banner were quick to censure reports that so much as threw hints of Soros’ involvement with drug cartels or terrorist organisations to fund media. Yet, they seemed free with their criticisms against Mahathir and regularly accused his administration of being oppressive and against the spirit of press freedom.

Berthelsen is a known Sussman associate. Like Sussman, he, too, was very loud against the Mahathir administration for stifling press freedom in Malaysia. On the 17th of December 2009, he accused Mahathir of deliberately holding up copies of an authoritative biography that was critical of the latter’s 22 years in office. The biography, the Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times, was conceived through a book that was written by the late Barry Wain, a former correspondent with the AWSJ who was himself based in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

Wain, perhaps the closest of Soros’ associates linked to the AWSJ, was said to have been tasked by the billionaire magnate to work on the biography. It is highly suspect that Wain was paid by Soros to mould the biography in a way that made Mahathir out to be a dictator who would go on witch hunts to identify his detractors and have them punished and ostracised. Back then, Soros despised Mahathir for the latter’s anti-Semitic bias that infuriated the Khazarian elites.

Like Wain, many a writer and columnist had benefited immensely through Soros, whose funds and foundations were said to have channelled millions to editors, reporters and correspondents linked to the NYT and the AWSJ. Some of Soros’ associates with the NYT included columnist Paul Krugman, Editor Andrew Mark Rosenthal, Pulitzer Prize winner Judith Miller and Chief Executive Editor, Dean Baquet. Back in the day, the focus of Soros’ attacks was Mahathir. Today, both Mahathir and Berthelsen are on a page with Soros and Tony Blair to destroy Najib and the ruling Barisan Nasional.


Following his stint with AWSJ, Berthelsen went on to assume a directorial position at the Dresdner Bank AG, a financial corporation that was once among Germany’s largest and known to enjoy a close relationship with JP Morgan & Co. Now, this is the same JP Morgan whose officials I accused of being complicit with Blair to leak out confidential information that pertained to 1MDB and its dealings with several Mideast entities.

In 2006, Berthelsen left the Dresdner Bank AG to assist A. Lin Neumann and two others establish the Asia Sentinel, a web based news portal focused on the Asian audience. A former chief editor with The Standard newspaper in Hong Kong, Neumann was previously associated with the Committee to Protect Journalists in Asia and was a former editor with the Joong Ang Daily in Seoul.

Not only is Neumann a staunch Soros advocate, he is a close associate of jailed opposition leader Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim and assisted the sacked deputy premier wage a vendetta against the Mahathir administration. On the 30th of November 1999, Neumann, then complicit with former United States (US) vice president Albert Arnold Al Gore to inflame reformasi movements in Jakarta, accused Mahathir of winning the then just held Malaysian general election by using his power to “stifle dissent and muzzle mainstream media.”

Neumann seems to have cut himself off Najib’s radar, but is said to be working from behind the curtains to assist both Ms. Rewcastle and Berthelsen in their pursuits against the ruling Barisan Nasional. Through Asia Sentinel, Berthelsen has been complicit with the Sarawak Report chief editor and Tian Chua to blacken Najib’s name and that of his immediate family members.


If what I am told is true, Berthelsen still keeps a cordial relationship with members of the banking fraternity through a nexus linking him to Soros and the Morgan house. Given that Asia Sentinel is assisted by Soros with funds channelled through Anwar and Ms. Rewcastle, it is highly suspect that the billionaire magnate is making a last ditch attempt to prevent me from delving deeper into a complicity involving Blair and former officials from JP Morgan to sabotage 1MDB and its dealings with the Saudi based Mubadala Development Company PJSC and the Abu Dhabi based PetroSaudi International.

But that is not all.

It was brought to my attention last Friday by a close friend of mine that the Berthelsen rebuke bore traits that were signature to Ms. Rewcastle, who, together with her husband, was responsible for setting up the Sarawak Report early in 2010. The portal is currently being funded by team Mahathir and is said to have received an enormous sum of money from persons associated with Blair.


If indeed the Asia Sentinel rebuke was the doing of Ms. Rewcastle, she has every reason to fear me, as I continue to peel the masks she and her accomplices hide under strip by strip, stitch by stitch. In the process, I’ll prove to you that the only thing she has on her mind is to dissuade the Chinese from furthering their energy ambitions in Malaysia, which basically is the central thrust of the Sarawak Report campaign.

Yes, all she wants is to launch a career for her own husband with the Chinese in the business of renewable energy exploration and production. And that’s not far off what Blair wants, which is to advance his own energy ambitions with China in relation to Mubadala and PetroSaudi, two entities that have his name listed as principal advisor (refer part four). As for Mahathir, he just wants to pave the way for his son to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia by the year 2021.

If anything, it appears that I may have come in Ms. Rewcastle’s and Blair’s way and am the reason the global conspiracy to sabotage 1MDB may have hit a snag the duo may never be able to recover from.

To be continued…

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