Amanah: Stop ‘ding-dong’ politics, not keen for posts in Selangor


(The Star) – Parti Amanah Negara has called on Pakatan Harapan in Selangor to stop wasting time and start making clear political decisions ahead of the upcoming general election.

“Stop wasting time in boring political games. ‘Ding-dong’ here and ‘ding-dong’ there,” said Selangor representative Jamzuri Ardani (pic) during his speech at the Amanah national convention here on Sunday.

He added that Pakatan Harapan in Selangor was the “mother of all ding-dong (back and forth) politics”.

Jamzuri demanded its leadership to not wait till the last minute to make important decisions.

He said this was necessary to prevent people from connecting the Opposition to “ding-dong” politics.

He also said Amanah was not interested in any positions within the Selangor government.

Jamzuri said Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali can be assured that Amanah only wanted to be recognised as part of the component party of Pakatan Harapan.

Taking a swipe at PAS, he accused the Islamist party for preventing “Amanah from moving forward”.

He claimed PAS was preventing Amanah from reaching out to its grassroots.