Mahathir’s poetic justice


Raja Sara Petra

It was Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who said that the Rulers sold out the country and betrayed the Malays in 1946 by agreeing to the British plan for the Malayan Union. Mahathir said it was Umno that saved the country and the Malays from the evil British and if not because of Umno even the Rulers would have lost their powers.

For 40 years from 1968 until 2008 Mahathir kept saying this same thing. When he was Prime Minister, Mahathir said all sorts of nasty things about the Rulers and taught Malaysians to hate the Monarchy. Until today many Malaysians still say nasty things about the Rulers.

So why would Mahathir want to attend a function that represents feudalism when Mahathir said the reason the Malays are backward compared to the Chinese is due to feudalism? The Monarchy stands for everything that Mahathir opposes and used to condemn.

Royalists have been waiting a long time for His Majesty the Agong to put Mahathir in his place and it could not have come soon enough. Mahathir has single-handedly destroyed racial harmony and respect for the institution of the Monarchy. And events over the last two years have pushed race relations to an all time low.

Mahathir said the Rulers betrayed the Malays and Umno saved the country. Now Mahathir wants to destroy Umno and attend the Agong’s function. Is this not called poetic justice?