Syed Akbar Ali talks Tamil


Syed Akbar Ali is insinuating that Najib is involved in at least three murders. So the wrong seven people are facing trial for Kevin Morais’s murder while Najib is involved in Hussain Ahmad Najadi’s murder because his son says so even though there is no evidence of this. And even though the French investigation has proven that the allegations regarding Altantuya’s involvement in the submarine contract is false, Syed ignores this and still insinuates otherwise.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

In a most sarcastic post today (READ HERE), Syed Akbar Ali said:

The PM most certainly did not kill anyone. However Altantuya, Najadi and Kevin Morais are all dead.

Altantuya was undeniably linked to that Scorpene deal. Najadi’s son has been making powerful allegations about his father’s death. As a Public Prosecutor Kevin Morais’ job included drafting charge sheets.

But those are all coincidences. We are thankful for the PM’s reassurances.

In other words, what Syed is saying, as they would say in America: tell it to the Marines.

What Syed means, of course, is that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is undoubtedly linked to all three murders because:

(1) Altantuya Shaariibuu was involved in the Scorpene submarine contract,

(2) Pascal Najadi, the son of AmBank Group founder, Hussain Ahmad Najadi, says his father was murdered because he was aware that RM2.6 billion of 1MDB’s money was transferred into Najib’s personal bank account, and

(3) Anthony Kevin Morais was involved in drafting the charge sheet to arrest Najib on 29th July 2015.

Now, the murder trial for those accused of murdering Kevin Morais is still ongoing. Is Syed saying that the wrong seven people have been arrested and charged and are facing a murder trial?

It was the then Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail who made the decision to charge these seven people for the murder of Kevin Morais. Was Gani wrong or was Gani bribed into charging the wrong people when it was actually Najib who murdered Kevin?

Pascal Najadi is trying to give an impression that his late father was such an important and powerful man that the Prime Minister needs to have him murdered. That may be overrating the importance of this man named Hussain Ahmad Najadi. There are thousands of more powerful people in Malaysia who are even more a danger and a greater threat to the Prime Minister and they are all still alive and walking around.

Kevin Morais is another lower-down-the-rung civil servant who is not really that crucial to the bigger scheme of things. Didn’t MACC lodge a police report saying that the so-called charge sheet that Sarawak Report published was a fake? So is Syed saying that Kevin Morais produced a fake charge sheet, which he then gave to Sarawak Report? Does that not, therefore, make Kevin Morais a crook? How much was he paid to participate in this crooked deal? And was he murdered to ensure that the secret of this fake charge sheet remains hidden?

Anyway, Kevin is not really that much of a saint and he has been implicated in many shady deals in the past. The Rosli Dahlan case is one of many examples. Kevin tried to fix Rosli on fabricated charges and even lied while testifying at the trial. I am sure even Rosli would have loved to see Kevin dead. And there are many others who Kevin fixed up who share Rosli’s view of this faggot.

Six years ago in 2010, Suaram lodged a report with the French court regarding Altantuya and Scorpene. The French court then ordered the French police to investigate the allegation that Altantuya was murdered due to her involvement in the Scorpene submarine deal. After a lengthy investigation the French police submitted a report to the court saying that Altantuya was not involved in the submarine contract. Furthermore, she had never been to France or had any dealings with Scorpene and no one from that company had even met her or know who she is.

So, at the behest of the French court, in response to Suaram’s 2010 report, the French police investigated the allegation and reported that Altantuya had no dealings with Scorpene whatsoever and no one even knew who she was. In fact, she did not speak French so the allegation that she was an interpreter is false, plus the fact that all the people involved in the submarine negotiations spoke English. And the negotiations were done in Malaysia, not in France, so why would Altantuya need to go to France as alleged?

The French police investigation practically demolished the entire story about Altantuya being involved in the French submarine contract as an interpreter and that she had traveled with Razak Baginda and Najib to France. The French police said this is not true and the investigation was done at the behest of the French court in response to Suaram’s report.

Now, this was an investigation initiated by the opposition, not by the government. And the investigation proved that all the allegations were not true. So why is Syed still repeating those allegations which the French government has already proven to be false? And why does Syed not mention the Suaram report and the French government investigation and the result of that investigation? In short, why is Syed, as the Malays would say, talking Tamil (or speaking Double-Dutch, as the English would say)?