Kit Siang, the de facto Opposition Leader is panicking


Last week DAP announced that Mahathir is not invited to DAP’s Convention today. However, after yesterday’s Umno assembly, Kit Siang panicked and begged Mahathir to attend DAP’s Convention. Kit Siang realised that they need to do some very serious damage control if they do not want the next general election to end up as another May 13 — and all because of the race card that DAP is playing.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Yesterday, we spoke about how Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak revealed DAP’s real political agenda: which is to divide the Malays and demolish Umno and in the same process demolish Malay political dominance and replace the Umno-led Barisan Nasional with a DAP-led Pakatan Harapan.

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During Najib’s closing speech ‘Superman’ Hew Kuan Yau’s videos were shown to support the revelation regarding DAP’s political agenda. It was also revealed that DAP is actually leading the opposition coalition, or that Pakatan Harapan is a DAP-led coalition, and that Lim Kit Sang is the de facto Opposition Leader.

DAP’s plan is to go for 45-46 parliament seats while PKR, PAN and Pribumi will take another 70 seats to allow the opposition a simple majority in Parliament. PKR will be given the task of taking 30 seats or so while PAN and Pribumi can try to take another 20 seats each. And that would mean DAP with 45-46 seats would be the majority in Pakatan Harapan and the leader of the opposition.

Yesterday, Lim Kit Siang panicked. First of all, Najib’s revelation regarding DAP’s political agenda to divide the Malays into many factions had the affect of uniting the Malays. The problem is not just that it is uniting the Malays within Umno but is also uniting the Malays across all political boundaries. This means it may no longer matter which political party the Malays belong to. They would put party politics aside and unite under a common cause in the interest of the Malays and Islam.

The second affect of Najib’s revelation was that it showed the Malays how DAP is playing its divide-and-rule and anti-Malay game. ‘Superman’ Hew stupidly revealed that DAP was using the Malays to fight the Malays while Kit Siang was using Mahathir to fight Najib. The fact that ‘Superman’ Hew spoke Chinese and not Bahasa Malaysia is because his revelation is meant for just the Chinese audience and not the Malay audience. It was a secret he was sharing with the Chinese on how DAP is going to demolish Malay political dominance.


Basically, ‘Superman’ Hew was fanning racial sentiments and inciting hatred against the Malays and anything Malay. And it was so obvious that it can no longer be denied, which was the second thing that panicked Kit Siang because this could be the beginning of a fire that may rage out of control like it did in May 1969.

The third thing that panicked Kit Siang was the joint-rally that Umno and PAS held today regarding the Rohingya issue in Myanmar. While DAP was trying very hard to use PAN and Mahathir to divide the Malays, the reverse is actually happening. Umno and PAS have found a number of issues that the two parties can work together with in the interest of Malay and Muslim solidarity. And this is frightening Kit Siang. Added to the revelation that DAP is trying to divide the Malays and unite the Chinese against the Malays, cooperation between Umno and PAS at any level is extremely bad news for DAP and the Chinese agenda.


To counter this, Kit Siang quickly sent an emissary to speak to Mahathir to invite him to attend DAP’s convention today. Last week DAP announced that Mahathir was not invited to the Convention, which made sense considering that Pribumi is not a member of Pakatan Harapan. But with what happened yesterday at the Umno assembly, and with the Umno-PAS joint-rally today, Kit Siang has had to change his strategy.

Mahathir actually felt slighted when it was announced he would not be invited to attend DAP’s Convention. So DAP had to pujuk the old man by promising him VVIP status today. Normally VIPs and VVIPs are placed in the VIP/VVIP seats facing the main stage. In Mahathir’s case they agreed to put him on stage beside Kit Siang, which is unprecedented. This is a party Convention so only party leaders get to sit on stage or at the main table. Guests sit in the seats allocated for guests, even VVIP guests.


Mahathir, is he a guest or a DAP leader?

That was how desperate DAP was to ensure that Mahathir agrees to attend their party Convention. They placed Mahathir next to Kit Siang to make sure he accepts their invitation. And after announcing just a few days ago that Mahathir is not invited to the Convention, his attendance today and where he was seated was just too obvious.

Anyway, the fact that Kit Siang made a unilateral decision to close down Pakatan Rakyat and set up Pakatan Harapan and exclude PAS from the new opposition coalition without any reference to or approval of the other coalition members already showed that DAP calls the shots and the others have no say in the matter. And it appears that Kit Siang also made a unilateral decision to invite Mahathir today and many other DAP leaders are not happy with that.


Shamsher Singh Thind: DAP died with Karpal on Apr 17, 2014

Shamsher Singh Thind was so upset that he resigned from the party (READ HERE) while Sangeet Kaur Deo, the late Karpal Singh’s daughter, said, “I urge our leaders to be careful when choosing our allies. We must make sure their principles are in line with ours (READ MORE HERE).” Shamsher also said that while there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies in politics there should at least be permanent principles.

Sangeet Kaur Deo

Sangeet Kaur Deo: it is fascinating to see Mahathir now fighting against the detention of Maria Chin when he himself used the ISA when he was premier

“Karpal once publicly rebuked Kit Siang and Guan Eng for supporting Anwar’s plan to invite Barisan Nasional MPs to jump ship. Now that Karpal is no more, there is no one in the party leadership that can provide an effective check and balance. Therefore, there is no choice left for me other than resigning. I am not dejected for leaving the party sooner than expected, since for me, DAP died with Karpal on Apr 17, 2014,” said Shamser.


Kit Siang did not suspect that there would be a backlash on his unilateral decision to invite Mahathir to attend the party Convention, and worse of all, to place Mahathir on stage as if he is a top DAP leader. Kit Siang has aways run DAP as a father-and-son outfit but now he is seeing some dissension in the ranks. And that was another shock today after yesterday’s shock. Nothing seems to be working for Kit Siang these last few days.

Khairul Azwan Harun in his press statement below pointed out DAP’s chauvinist and racist political agenda. DAP’s first move is to divide the Malays into many groups. That is why DAP created PAN to rival PAS and now supports Mahathir’s Pribumi to rival Umno. DAP is also trying to split PKR into the pro-Azmin Ali and anti-Azmin Ali group.

The next move is to fan and incite racial sentiments and make the Chinese hate the Malays. The Chinese ABU (anything but Umno) war cry is actually ‘anything but Malay’ and they always talk about the Malay government of Malaysia as opposed to the Chinese government of Singapore — which is why Singapore is a better country than Malaysia, because Chinese run Singapore while Malays run Malaysia.